Frequently Asked Questions


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  • MCC1A and MCC3 are both compatible. However, there is no difference between using MCC3 and MCC1A in terms of charging rate as the current for both is 1A.

  • Unfortunately, they won’t fit. Please do not put CR123A in Baton 3 and charge it, otherwise there will be a potential risk of explosion.

  • The Baton 3 is the upgraded version of S1R Baton II. It delivers a huge output of 1,200 lumens, a 20% brightness increase. And the throw ups to 166meters, a 14% increase over the S1R Baton II. Moreover, the runtime of Baton 3 increases when it is compared with S1R Baton II.

  • Please do not remove the clip of Baton 3 and put the item into the charging box because the design of the box is consistent with the shape of the clip. If the clip is removed, Baton 3 may be put in the wrong way in the charging case and difficult to get it out.

  • S1RII is not compatible with the closing and shutting down function, which cannot be shut down by closing the charging case like Baton 3. It should be shut down instead of turning on when put in the charging case.

  • The battery will be worn out when charging, so it can only be charged 3.7 times.


  • a. With the addition of active downshift function, the sensor inside the lens detects that the front is blocked and actively reduces the brightness to provide active safety protection.

    b. Equipped with four high luminous efficiency OSRAM P9 lamp beads, the maximum luminous flux reaches 4200 lumens, a 31% increase in brightness.

    c. Head side button 360° rotating infinitely dimmable / long press shift, change light at your fingertips.

    d. MCC3 2A magnetic charging, full charge time shortened from 6h to 4.5h. e. Extended battery life from 12 days to 15 days

  • It's because the beam distance mainly depends on the reflective surface.

  • No, their LEDs are different.

  • ghtness level:

    Turbo ●●●●

    High   ●●●

    Medium ●●


    Battery level:

    ≥75% ●●●●

    50% to 75% ●●●

    25% to 50% ●●

    10% to 25%


  • Please note that the battery power has to be 55% or above to activate turbo mode, please fully charge the light and try again.


  • No, the bezel could not be changed as it will need specific devices.

  • Normal, Marauder 2 is a high-powered torch, this may occur in winter use and will usually eliminate itself after 24H of resting, which does not affect daily use.

  • This is normal, the green light flashes when charging in reverse.

  • Generally the battery capacity decreases after 500 charges.

  • When the product is switched off, there is still residual power in the circuit capacitor, the residual power can only be slowly discharged by forming a circuit through the lamp beads, while Marauder 2 has a higher amount of near lamp beads. This is normal due to the difference in the VF value of individual lamp beads, which will not affect the performance of the product.

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