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How To Choose The Olight Torches By Activity?

How To Choose The Olight Torches By Activity?

23 Jun, 2021

How to choose your right torch among so many torches?

It's sure to say almost every household has a torch, but when it comes to the range of lighting products available, Torches widely used in professional fields such as outdoor, military, hunting, security, industry, does the one you buy really make a difference?


Basically, while all lighting products on the market provide lighting, their benefits vary greatly. Over the last few years, the selection of such products has increased in particular, so there are the points below that people usually consider when choosing which lighting product is best for themselves.

  1. Which activity will you be mostly using your lighting product for? E.g running at night, at home in case the power goes out, biking outside in bad light, etc


  1. Will you benefit more from a torch or headlight for your chosen activity? E.g it is uncomfortable to run holding a torch, so a headlight would be a stronger choice.


  1. Do you want a rechargeable or non-rechargeable product? E.g if you go camping there likely won’t be powerpoint to recharge, whereas at home this wouldn’t be an issue.

Therefore, when you visit our Olight UK website, you can choose Olight torches by activity.

First of all, Let's have a look at the activity categories that Olight's products divide into.


Everyday Carry (EDC) 

Everyday Carry torches comparison

♦ Most of us desire to make our home a familiar place, just put these best small torches on your desk, accompanying your daily life.


♦ Olight EDC torches (everyday carry) are quite popular for their lightweight and optional mode. Add to your cart, Olight EDC torches will be your top choice.


Tactical Torch

tactical torches comparison

♦ Higher? Further? Keep moving! Let Olight inspire your ambition to exceed your ability. Climbing, Hiking... You are now setting out to conquer the world!


♦ What makes a torch tactical? Our incredible runtime with high output, magnetism tactical tail switch is designed for professional use.


Bike Light

bike lights comparison

♦ Our unique intelligent design headlight and rear bike lights are made for your road cycling, urban riding and daily commuting.


♦ Olight bike light series bring you 260° visibility. While ambient light sensors, smart motion sensors and other features can maximize the release of the hands of cyclists.


Head Light

♦ Chasing HANDS-FREE experience? Check out Olight headlight series. These best rechargeable head torches will be your final answer!


♦ Let alone the right-angle design, the Perun 2, "MUST BUY" HEAD TORCH is popular with its multifunctional application as a headlamp with a matching headband or as a handheld light.


Then, once you have a clearer idea of what style suits your personal situation, here are the most common terms that are used (and what they mean) to help you crystal your choice even more:


Lumens (lm) – The amount of light you see from a light source. The higher the lumen, the more brightness you will see.  E.g a 500lm torch will be brighter than a 200lm torch.


Beam Distance – This is measured in meters and is how far the light beam will shine before it starts to diminish. The distance will vary depending on which light mode you are in (low, mid, high, boost etc). The maximum beam distance a torch will usually be advertised next to the product.


Run time – The run time will be calculated by each individual setting in the product. So a low beam will have more run time and a high beam will have less run time, simply because you are needing more energy to create a brighter light and the battery will run low faster. The run time usually advertised is the run time when the torch is in low setting.


IP Rating – This is the protection the torch will have against dust and water. The first number will be the protection level against dust (6 is the highest) and the second number will be protected against water (9 is the highest), the higher the numbers, the better the protection.  If you see an X next to IP rating, as an example like IPX4, the X, in this case, represents dust as it is where the first number should be, and the X means this product does not have a rating for dust.


Now that you know everything you need to make the best choice, below are the 3 most common reasons people need to use a torch and our recommendations:


General Use around the home

For anything around the home, it's best to have a product that is easy to use, small, and lightweight. You want something that is durable and has a good battery life plus is cheap to run in the long term. If you prefer Olight products option we recommend Obulb

Outdoor Activities Use (running, hinking, riding bike, camping, climbing)

If you are looking for a light to use on adventures, or around campsites, you need a product that has long run time, is bright enough to light up anything in front of you, and something you can see far into the distance with. The most popular item for this type of activity for a torch is the seeker 2 pro, If you want to go camping, we recommend Olantern, or if you prefer the headlight is used for riding option go for the Perun 2 and bike light option is RN1200

Everyday Carry

When looking for an everyday carry option – the warrior mini 2 is your best choice, it suitable pocket size, smaller than a 4.7-inch tall mobile phone. At the same time, it has tactical torch features, giving you enough security! Popular features among the EDC community remain the helpful battery level indicator and two-way pocket clip, plus a refined strike bezel. New this time, is a detachable lanyard clip, the ability to remove the lanyard clip and swap your pocket clip to the bottom groove, allows for the very popular ‘bezel down’ carry option. If you carry it every day, Inevitably sometimes there likely won’t be power point to recharge, the wireless charger perfect option is the Baton 3 premium.

Now that you are more familiar with the various types, styles, and pros and cons of each, we hope you find the perfect lighting product for you.

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