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Olight Best-Selling Top 5 in 2021

Olight Best-Selling Top 5 in 2021

30 Jan, 2022

Recently, we summarize the best-selling products in the past year, and you may notice that the Top 3 of them have been displayed on our official website. Thanks very much for your support and trust for our products, and we are deeply encouraged. In this blog, we will summarize the Top 5 best-selling in last year. According to our statistics, the Top 5 best-selling are Baton 3 Premium, Seeker 3 Pro, Marauder 2, Perun 2, and Obulb MC.

Top 1 Baton 3 Premium

It makes sense that this product is our NO.1 best selling. Baton 3 is also a very popular product before. Then it added a wireless charging box so that it has an amazingly long battery life of 94 days, which can fully charge the torch 3.7 times. The torch itself is quite small, measuring only 63mm long and weighing 53g. Although the torch is compact, it is equipped with a high-performance LED and TIR lens to deliver an incredible maximum output of 1200 lumens and 166-metre beam distance. We also released many different styles of premium versions. For example, the Four Seasons and Eternal version, the Dragon and Phoenix version, and the Pure Color version. All of them are loved by most of our customers. Now the Four Seasons and Eternal version is still on Valentine's Days sale. Those who are interested can click this link to buy it!

Top 2 Seeker 3 Pro

Seeker 3 Pro is also one of our outstanding high lumen torches. With 4 high performance Osram LEDs, it produces an incredible output of 4200 lumens and a 250m beam distance. Its runtime is also excellent, up to 15 days. As a professional outdoor torch, it can bear any extreme weather (work condition: 0 -40℃) and will auto lock without operation in 30s. What's more, it has a built-in proximity and thermal sensor to drop down the output when approaching objects and cool down the torch. Seeker 3 pro has been loved by many people since it came out, so there are a lot of colors in the follow-up, and a new Lake Blue Seeker 3 Pro has been released in January. Interested friends can click the link below to learn more and buy it.

Top 3 Marauder 2

Marauder 2 is one of our Star Products for it is one of the only two Olight products with more than 10,000 lumens. As a super excellent search and rescue torch, its maximum lumens can reach 14,000 lumens and the maximum beam distance can reach 800 metres. You can switch between spotlight and floodlight in a second with its toggle switch. As a customer comment wrote, "Went into the woods with it and on full flood. The birds started singing. They thought it was sunrise." In addition to its perfect lighting performance, it also has a built-in proximity and a thermal sensor which are more conducive to the safe use of torches. There is another point worth mentioning, in addition to being a super power torch, it is also a charging bank that can charge your mobile phone. Only a charging cable is required.
However, it is a pity that Marauder 2 is out of stock now, which also reflects its popularity.

Top 4 Perun 2

This is the only headlamp in our Top 5 and it is also the best selling headlamp. Its matching headband can free your hands well but you can also use it as a torch by holding it in your hand. Besides, you can also use its magnetic tailcap to attach it to suitable material surfaces. Although it is a headlamp, it also has high lumens up to 2500 and the longest runtime can reach 12.5 days. It can be regarded as a very good EDC torch. It also has many convenient and efficient functions such as built-in proximity sensor, MCC3 USB charging cable, pocket clip. This is indeed a great option for those who love the outdoors or have repair needs. You can also click the link below to learn more and buy.

Top 5 Obulb MC

The Obulb series is a very popular non-torch series among Olight products. Obulb MC is the second in the series, followed by Obulb MCs. This small lamp is cute in shape and rich in color. Whether indoors or outdoors, adults or children, it is very suitable. Its maximum lumens can reach 75 lumens and its maximum runtime is able to reach 40 hours. By pressing the soft rubber-coated button, you can select from 8 light modes for camping, hiking, night work, emergency power outage, ambiance lighting, signaling, party decoration. The long-lasting soft warm and eye-caring light is very suitable for your sleep and work. Different modes for your different needs. With the included adhesive metal badge, you can attach it anywhere you need light. In addition to its own nice performance, it can also be used with some other accessories, such as Olink and Osling which can make Obulb MC easier to carry. Similarly, click the link below to learn more and buy.

Above are our Top 5 Best-Selling in 2021. How many do you have? It is interesting that our Top 5 are from different categories, which also shows that we have made satisfactory products in all these categories! Of course, this is also inseparable from your trust and support. In the new year, Olight will move forward and enjoy light together with you as well!

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