perun2,head torch,multifunctional

perun2,head torch,multifunctional

usb rechargeable head torch


What is perun 2 upgraded?

Perun 2 is an upgraded version of Perun, a brand-new multi-functional smart L-shaped corner light. It comes standard with a single customized 4000mAh high-capacity 21700 battery, with an output of up to 2500 lumens, while extending the battery life; the output light is uniform and high-quality, suitable for medium and close-range lighting. Using the MCC third-generation upgraded charging cable, the charging current is as high as 2A, which greatly improves the charging efficiency. The new ID design has a built-in smart sensor in the lens. When it detects that the front is blocked, it will automatically reduce the output brightness to prevent dazzling reflected light and provide active safety protection.   What is inside   In addition to the protagonist's perun 2 corner lamp, there is another one, a 4000mAh custom 21700 lithium battery, a magnetic charging cable, an instruction manual, and a hand rope, and a holding clip. In addition, there is also an elastic strap that can be worn on the head, which is convenient to use as a headlight (the vertical white stripes on the strap can reflect light at night, which serves as a good reminder).

Perun 2 charging

This magnetic charging cable can be said to be the most recognizable "black technology" of olight. It is the third-generation upgraded charging cable for MCC3, with a maximum current of 2A and a faster-charging speed (33% higher than that of perun 2, and it can be fully charged in about 3.5 hours). Since ancient times, blue and red have produced CP, and this contrasting color treatment is also very beautiful and durable.   Perun 2 material   The shell is still made of lightweight and durable aviation aluminum alloy. Even with a large-capacity battery, it is just right in the hand (weight is 161 grams), and it will not be too crowded. And when the headlight is worn on the head, it will not cause fatigue due to the burden. It can be easily tucked into a trouser pocket even if you are not too big. OLIGHT's flashlight, the texture can be described as "carefully selected". The texture of this Perun2 is also different from the previous generation. It adopts the way of alternating horizontal stripes and spiral patterns. It is tough and not sluggish, and it is quite delicate when playing. In addition, the anti-slip treatment is also quite good.

Perun 2 - 90 degree corner lamp

The biggest difference from common straight torches is the 90-degree corner lamp head of Perun2. Corner flashlight has good practicability. Because of the side lighting, its lighting angle is easier to adjust. When used outdoors, it can be tied to the head as a headlight, or placed next to a table as lighting, and can also be tied around the waist. Free your hands to illuminate the front, and the magnetic suction at the end enriches the use scene. The lamp beads equipped with Perun 2 are CREE XHP50.2 LED (6500K), with a maximum luminous flux of 2500 lumens and a maximum range of 166 meters. With the TIR total reflection lens, the output beam can be softer and more balanced. In addition, we can see that its built-in infrared sensor can automatically reduce the brightness when it detects that there is an obstruction in front of it during lighting, and it will automatically shut down if it continues for one minute, which can effectively avoid dazzling and eliminate safety hazards such as high-temperature combustion.

Perun 2 - 6 positions can choose

Perun 2 has a total of six positions(plus SOS), double-click to quickly enter the strongest Turbo gear (lasts 45 minutes, of course, in order to ensure the battery life and heat dissipation of the flashlight, 2500 lumens only takes two minutes), while the high-end is half an hour (500 lumens). lumens), and the LOW file has an irradiation range of 18 meters. The moonlight file can even reach 12 and a half days. Perun 2 has a built-in distance sensing system, which is very sensitive in actual use. It quickly reduces the brightness when approaching an object, and returns to the previous brightness after leaving, which is very easy to use. In addition, IPX8, 1.5 meters drop is also available. The weight of Perun 2 is about 161g. As a headlight, this weight is still a bit heavy, and there is no problem for use it on foot. However, for high-intensity sports like trail running, it is recommended that you use it on a hat to improve stability.

Perun 2 functions

Perun 2 can quickly adjust the illumination angle of the light to achieve 180 omnidirectional lighting; it can also be used as a handheld light with a comfortable grip and a sturdy holding clip. Very convenient to carry. It is convenient to operate, has a wide range of applications, and is easy to use. Compared with Perun, it has more powerful lighting functions and can better meet diverse lighting needs.


Beam Distance
544 ft(166m)
Max. Performance (Lumens)
2,500 lumens
Charge Type
MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable
Compatible Batteries
Customized 4000mAh 21700 Battery (Included)
Light Source
High Performance Cool White LED
Form/Size Factor
Medium Size
Series H (Headlamps, Multitasking)
2,500~800 lumens
Runtime Turbo
2 minutes + 175 minutes
500 lumens
Runtime High
270 minutes
120 lumens
Runtime Med
18 hours
30 lumens
Runtime Low
66 hours
5 lumens
Runtime Moonlight
12.5 days
Weight (g / oz)
5.68 oz (161 g)
Length (mm / in)
4.75 in (120.7 mm)
Body Diameter (mm / in)
1.06 in (27 mm)
Head Diameter (mm / in)
1.13 in (28.6 mm)
Everyday Carry, Car, Camping, Fishing, Household, EDC, General Use, Fishing, Climbing, Cave Exploration, Outdoor Activities, House Activities
Carton Box
Perun 2 (Battery and Pocket Clip Included) x 1
Headband With Silicone Bracket x 1
MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable x 1
Lanyard x 1
User Manual x 1
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The more i use this head torch the more i like it,


16 Mar, 2023

Fantastic head torch, very bright and incredible run time. I work on the roads and safety is paramount, so a good head torch is a must, this Perun 2 ticks all the boxes for me.

Colour: Desert Tan


15 Mar, 2023

Awesome torch exactly what I needed for tracking at night with a dog. Thank you.

Colour: Black


06 Mar, 2023

Simple to use and very bright

Colour: Black


21 Jan, 2023

To start with I loved this head torch. It is bright, long lasting and rechargeable the practical design makes it easy to clip onto a jacket or shirt, whilst the headband feels secure.

Colour: Black


15 Jan, 2023

This is the best head touch you can buy

Colour: Blue


15 Jan, 2023

Awesome torch

Colour: Black


15 Jan, 2023

Favorable comment

Colour: Black


14 Jan, 2023

Solid torch right angle handy

Colour: Black


12 Jan, 2023

lots of functions and use cases. very sturdy. solid build. really like the magnetic base for using on car bonnet.


11 Jan, 2023

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