Holster built for S1R Baton II, Perun mini, S1R and H1R.

Put your torch safe in this holster! Attach it to a belt, bag or jacket for convenience and protection!

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The S1R Baton II is incredibly dinky! Same for the holster! Good quality item that will make it harder for me to lose when out, and mean I have it on my hip when needed.


31 May, 2022

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21 Dec, 2021

Nice little pouch apart from one thing. The elastic sides stop about half an inch from the bottom of the pouch. This makes it easy for your torch to pop out underneath without you noticing. When using with your expensive torch, ALWAYS make sure you have the clip on the outside or you too may lose your precious S1R Baton11. Now of course saving for another torch.


23 Apr, 2019

This pouch does the job, i find it very easy to get the touch out. I volunteer for the ambulance service and this touch helps me find the house in the dark and when carrying medical kit as well this small touch is perfect to get out the pouch on my belt. I also attach the layered to my belt so i can let the touch just hand there until i am ready to out it back into the pouch.


30 Mar, 2021

Perfect size, all around solid. The only issue I see is the belt loop is a little small other than that it's great.


31 Jul, 2019

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