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The Perun 2, "MUST BUY" HEAD TORCH, is an upgraded version of the Perun.

Powered by a 4000mAh 21700 battery, this new multi-functional right angle torch delivers a maximum output of 2,500 lumens and provides a longer runtime.

Built-in proximity sensor to drop brightness in case of obstruction nearby - no worry of overheat!

Chasing handsfree experience? It can be used as both a headlamp with a matching headband and as a handheld light with a comfortable grip, and it is easy to carry and attach with the convenient pocket clip.

Forget to charge the torch? Low battery VIBRATING warning when battery power<10%.

Adopting the MCC3 USB charging cable with a charging current of up to 2A, which greatly improves the charging efficiency.


⋙⋙ Olight No.1 Headlight

2500-lumen powerhouse, 25% brighter than Perun. 4000 mAh 21700 rechargeable battery provides a longer runtime to match your ambition in the dark.

perun2,head torch,multifunctional

⋙⋙ Proximity Protection Function

The built-in proximity sensor will reduce the brightness for protection when it detects an obstruction nearby. No worry of overheat with this creative function.

perun2,head torch,multifunctional

⋙⋙ Chasing Hands-free Experience?

Featuring magnetic base, durable headband, lanyard, and firm pocket clip, for a variety of HANDS-FREE uses!

perun2,head torch,multifunctional

⋙⋙ Low Battery Warning & Improved Charging Efficiency

Low battery VIBRATING warning when battery power<10%. And charging is faster with MCC3 cable, increasing charging speed by 33%.

perun2,head torch,multifunctional

⋙⋙ Right-angle illumination

Get the angle you need to illuminate what's important. Right-angle light can be very versatile to suit your needs! 10 degree tilt angle button cap is easy to operate espeacilly in the dark.

perun2,head torch,multifunctional