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Weapon Lights: Tactical Options for Firearm Safety

Weapon Lights: Tactical Options for Firearm Safety

02 Aug, 2022

Firearm control in the UK is one of the strictest in the world. But even so, many people still meet the legal requirements of using, buying, or selling firearms.

Here is a look at the legal requirements.

1. Firearms certificate: You need a police-issued firearms certificate to buy or own a firearm or shot-firearm.

2. Age restrictions: It is illegal to sell replica firearms toys to anyone under 18, and no one under 18 may buy a replica firearm.

3. Some firearms are completely banned, so they do not have a legal certificate. Their use or purchase requires the authorization of the Home Secretary.


Weapons include not only firearms (including replica firearms) but also ammunition, knives, etc. If you carry them illegally you will be arrested or prosecuted.


Please click here for the full firearms licensing legislation.

Firearm Safety

Even with all the restrictions on the purchase and use of firearms, many still have access to them. Therefore, firearm safety should be taken seriously, including lighting precautions. You can see more firearm safety options here.

In this article, we will focus on the important role of weapon lights for tactical safety.

Many shooting crimes occur at night because criminals always operate at that time. The firearms carried by police officers in law enforcement operations need to be well equipped with lights to help them target quickly in the dark.

This is why we need gun lights, also known as weapon-mounted lights (WML), or tactical lights.



Tactical Torch or Weapon Mounted Light?

Tactical torches are very powerful in terms of their long-range spotlight intensity, so as a firearm owner, would you choose a tactical handheld torch or a weapon-mounted light when you need a light to assist you in your targeting duties?

It is also difficult to give an exact answer, each has its own advantages.

1. Pistols

When you are carrying a pistol, you can choose either a handheld torch or a weapon-mounted light.

2. Rifles, Carbines & Shotfirearms


When you are carrying rifles, carbines, or shot firearms, the recommended light safety option is the WML, as these types of firearms require two hands to operate properly so you will not have the other hand free to hold the torch in the dark.



How do we Choose a Weapon-Mounted Light?

The following factors need to be considered:

1. Lumens

Although lumens are one of the first considerations for light, it does not mean that a higher lumen WML is better.

For example, you should consider whether you will be using it indoors or outdoors and ensure that you have actually measured it before buying the right product.

If it will be used indoors, a light that is too bright will reflect back on the wall and can easily blind you or the teammate next to you.

If it will be used outdoors, do not purchase a weapon-mounted light that is too dim.

2. Installation and operation

(1) Rail adapters

Some weapon-mounted lights include mounting accessories, but some you will need to purchase separately for them.

The most important thing is whether the WML rail adaptor fits your firearm. Common rails include Picatinny, M-Lok and KeyMod, etc. Olight's tactical weapon lights are available in various types of adaptors.

(2) Light switch operation

In terms of turning the light on or off, you can manually operate it on the WML's body switch or use the remote switch.

(3) Weapon light mounting position

Weapon lights on rifle rifles are usually mounted in a position that does not block the view, most commonly on the side or top, depending on the model of weapon light and firearm. Weapon light placement is also affected by other gear attached to the firearm, such as sights, lasers, and grips.

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