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Something You Need to Know About Light for Night Fishing

Something You Need to Know About Light for Night Fishing

31 Aug, 2022

Many people will have this question: Are fish not afraid of light when fishing at night?

Night fishing is possible with lights and most fish will not be afraid. This is because the fish are using their sense of smell to feed at night and are not exactly using their eyes to find them.

Why choose to fish at night?

1. The evening is more comfortable than the daytime by more than a mile. Especially without the sun, the comfort level is also much improved with less exposure to the sun.
2. The environment is quieter at night. The noise that interferes with fish is gone, and the fish are less frightened, so many fish start to rush inshore
3. Many anglers have their own jobs, and night fishing after work is also a good way to relax.
4. Just after nightfall, the fish are at their peak feeding time, seize this time, I believe the catch will be rich!

For many anglers, fishing at night has a special flavour. Night fishing lights are an essential item of equipment in night fishing.

Which Colours Of Lights Work Best For Night Fishing?

Night fishing lights, generally speaking, come in four colours - purple, blue, yellow and white.

Ranking of light effects: Purple > Blue > Yellow > White

1. Purple and Blue
It can be said that for night fishing, purple is the best of all light sources. As far as floating light is concerned, blue is better than yellow and white. Even with the less bright blue light on the float, it is easy to see the movement of the float. Of course, purple is more effective than blue, but it is also more expensive. And some people say that purple light is harmful. All in all, it is better to have a blue light.

2. Yellow and White
Yellow tends to be more effective at attracting fish due to its similarity to sunlight, so it is usually most effective during the evening and dusk hours.
White is a very bright light to use when it comes to night fishing. Because of this, white provides brilliant visibility. Therefore, white is generally used for head lighting, but of course in some fishing grounds where very bright lights are still on at night, as the grounds are already brighter, the fish in turn adapt, and white seems to work better in this case.

Which lights are suitable for night fishing?

1. Headlamps

Olight's headlamp is a more powerful and reliable illumination tool for multiple activities in the darkness. Since fishing means contact with water, it is important that the headlamp is waterproof. So when choosing a headlamp we must pay attention to its waterproofness. Another reason for choosing a headlamp is that it is much easier to use when fishing as it frees up your hands.

2. LED Fishing Lights

Larger in size, they are generally freestanding with a light stand or equipped on a fishing box or chair, with adjustable multi-coloured lights. Different coloured lights have different effects.

It is important to remember that no matter what kind of light you purchase, it needs to be watertight in order to be used for night fishing. If you don’t have a waterproof light then you could end up ruining your expensive equipment. Therefore, it is advisable to only buy lights that are waterproof.

Below we have a short list of some of our products that support night fishing.

Perun 2 Brightest Multifunctional Head Torch

Perun 2 head torch is powered by a rechargeable battery, this new multi-functional right-angle flashlight delivers a maximum output of 2,500 lumens and provides a longer runtime. It can be used as a standard headlight belt, freeing hands, and can quickly adjust the illumination angle of the light to achieve 180゜ omnidirectional lighting. In addition, IPX8, 1.5 meters drop is also available. It can be a great tool for night fishing.

Olight Perun Mini Kit 1000 Lumens Multifunctional Head Torch

The Perun mini is powered by a rechargeable battery, this multi-functional EDC illumination tool provides a max output of 1,000 lumens. Diversely attached to clothes, backpacks, or hats via the velcro duty patch with a 60-degree rotation for the desired angle and extreme convenience. It is not only suitable for use in life but also can be used in outdoor and working environments. In order to significantly improve the practicability, OLIGHT also designed some for it. Accessory equipment, after adding these accessories, we can completely liberate our hands.

Olight Freyr Multi-Colour Tactical Torch

Olight first flashlight featuring not only a normal white light mode but also a green, red, and blue LED for night vision protection, fishing or investigation. Besides a colour torch, the main white light boasts a maximum output of 1,750 lumens and a beam distance of up to 360 meters. This has met the requirements of a night fishing light in fact. Bright enough and far enough to provide the brightness and line of sight you need when you're fishing.

Marauder Mini High Power Fishing Torch

A Gentle Reminder

When fishing at night, we must also be aware of the dangers of night fishing!
1. Choose your fishing spot safely enough. Do not choose places in small locations, there are relatively few people moving around at night, so it is not easy to be aware of what is happening.
2. take precautions against mosquitoes and snakes.
3. There should be a degree of love for fishing and it is important to get enough rest. Don't let fishing get in the way of the next day's business!

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