Why and how to choose the right light for different emergencies?

Why and how to choose the right light for different emergencies?

11 Dec, 2021

Why and how to choose the right light for different emergencies?


It has been warned that the UK will experience tight electricity supplies due to the increasing demand and also the capacity limitation.

Therefore, We may have to face an unexpected power cut during this winter. At the start of Nov., Parts of Liverpool's city centre were completely in darkness because of the widespread power cut. Even street lights couldn’t work in the evening. Catherine Newman, chief executive officer of Limejump Ltd., a unit of Royal Dutch Shell Plc, pointed out on Bloomberg TV that “If we don’t start to remedy the situation we are going to be facing blackouts this winter.” Not just the government has to prepare for it, we all need to pay attention to this situation. How can we protect our family and how to live If everywhere is in darkness, especially in the wintertime? We have to get ready for the blackout period. How can you choose the right light for you and your family? Let's see what kinds of torches you will need under various situations.


1. Why and how to choose the right ‘EDC ’ torch?

Powercut makes life inconvenient and unsafe, the worst thing is street lights are off. If you have to walk to work, school, or home, you will be panic. Some people believe that their phone light can help with this situation, which is true. However, are you sure your phone light (maybe 40-50 lumens) is powerful enough to brighten up the street? Are you sure you can get enough phone electricity? Remember that you have to keep your phone available just in case anything unexpected happens. So, what does ‘EDC torches’ mean?

It's everyday carry torches. But how can we choose the right EDC light when torches seem to be similar. The very first thing you need to be concerned about is the ‘size’. For example, our well-designed Baton 3 kit, which is only 2.48 inches and 1.87 oz. You can easily take it anywhere! Also, one of the best designs of the Baton 3 kit I should mention is the portable wireless charger!

Don't worry about the battery electricity, you got back up! Besides, if you are searching for more tiny ones, Olight UK also offers keychain lights with great lumens! I1R 2, delivers 150 lumens; I3E is 90-lumen best-selling keychain torch.

Pick any of both and hang it on your keychain, then you are good to go! Also, Olight UK has other lightweight handheld torches such as S1R baton II, S2R Baton II, warrior mini 2, and so on. Simply go through our website, and before making the decision, you need to know what size can fit into your pocket or bags! Let everyday carry torch make your life more convenient and easier!


2. What kinds of torches do you need most when you get lost in darkness?

For outdoor adventure lovers, having a portable and easy-carried LED torch is necessary! When you are lost in the darkness, especially in the woods or somewhere challenging, for darkness illumination and also self-protection, you must have a tactical EDC torch!

The question is what is a tactical EDC torch? As a suggestion and an example, warrior 3 with an excellent strike bezel. It can deliver a max of 2300 lumens and offers strobe mode in which we highly recommend! Please note: the strobe mode can save you when you meet an attack by people or animals. This is an extremely useful function for adventurers! Also, when you are on a hike or camping, make sure your electric goodies are waterproof!

If you got the warrior 3, you will be happy with its IPX8 waterproof! It also passed the 1.5-meter drop test! One of the best outdoor survival companions! Moreover, the max runtime is 55 days! We all know how dangerous it is if you are lost. Hence, don’t forget to grab such a powerful tactical EDC torch.

It can help you illuminate everything surrounding you! Most importantly, it protects your life. If anyone prefers higher lumens, what I should suggest is one of the best-sellers, Marauder 2. For any rescue and search purpose, it's the best at this size! It is not just only can light up the whole yard, you will find out how powerful it is when you hold a 25000 lumen monster in your hand. So, if you got more budgeting, go and check the Marauder 2, you won't regret it.


Please, everyone, get well-prepared for this winter, if we have to experience those we don't want to, we need to be confident that we can go through. Stay safe and healthy, let Olight get you faith and protection.


?Click the below links to learn more.

Baton 3 kit: https://www.olightstore.uk/olight-baton-3-premium-edition-industry-leading-wireless-charging-torch-3.html

I1R 2 :https://www.olightstore.uk/i1r-2-eos-kit.html

I3e :https://www.olightstore.uk/i3e-eos.html

Warrior 3 :https://www.olightstore.uk/warrior-3-tactical-torch.html

Marauder 2 : https://www.olightstore.uk/marauder2-main.html

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Scott Williams

I still really rate the yellow grip version of the Olight S2A Baton, if that came out in tail recharge with Li Ion, with a crenulated bezel, that would be so cool, a lot of the new models are not "longer" than the span of your hand , useful in many scenarios etc...

Posted on: 11 Dec, 2021, 12:15:50