⑥ Share My Story in 2021

⑥ Share My Story in 2021

29 Sep, 2021

For many years I've been searching for that perfect torch. There have been more than a hundred makes and models that I have invested a lot of money in. I wanted a torch that I could use at home in the event of the frequent power cuts - I live in a rural location - but also one that I could rely upon when I'm out for a walk or that I could use in an emergency if the car broke down. I'll not bore you with the names of the 'highly rated' and 'recommended' makes that I tried which just never seemed to fit the bill. I just wanted a torch that I could rely upon for any and all my needs. Then I discovered Olight.

My main requirement was a torch that was reliable. Olights certainly fit that criteria. I have dozens of Olight torches and have only had an issue with reliability with one of them. This torch was sent to Olight and they sent me a replacement within a couple of days - amazing customer service. Every other torch works perfectly after more than a year of regular use. I have purchased a number of Olight torches as gifts for family and friends and they are all delighted with their mini marvels! My preference for all round use is the i3T.

Olight torches have not only proved to be reliable and great as all round go-to sources of illumination but they also look nice too! The perfect fusion of form and function.

Let me share a story that illustrates why I rely upon Olight torches. I live on a peninsula and love going for walks on the shores either side to observe wildlife like seals, hares and birds. One day I was out on the shore for a long walk on the Irish Sea side of the peninsula. Lots of rock scrambling, small pockets of sandy beach, fern, bracken and heather. Absolute paradise. It was twilight and rapidly darkening when I realised that I was in trouble. I'd  lost the pouch that I wear on my belt. No big deal you might say but I'm diabetic and my meds and other edc items were in my the pouch - including my Olight i3T! Don't panic, as The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy reminds us all. 

Following Douglas Adam's wise words I tried to remain calm whilst I assessed the situation. How am I going to find the pouch when the light is rapidly diminishing - in this terrain? I'll tell you how. Olight kindly sent me an i3E torch when ordering another torch during one of their frequent promotions and I've kept it on my keyring ever since. It took me half an hour of retracing my steps in the gloom, peering into fissures in the rocks that make up most of the terrain before I found the pouch inside one of them. The nylon belt strap had split at the stitching and it was lying in a rockpool inside a fissure. The meds were ok as they were inside a plastic bag inside the pouch. The i3T was also ok and hasn't missed a beat since its dunk in cold salty water. The rest of the contents were ruined. If only somebody could point me in the direction of a small waterproof pouch that functions as well as an Olight torch! Disaster was averted anyway. I've always carried the i3E since I received it from Olight. It's small and light enough to sit on a keychain and uses the same AAA battery as the i3T. In fact, up until this little adventure, I had considered it to be a handy way to carry an extra battery for the i3T. That day it more then adequately lit up the fissures in the rock in what were poor light conditions. 

Thank goodness for Olight and their lovely little edc torches. Now if they ever make a nice edc pouch with a solid belt loop then I'll be at the front of the queue to buy one.

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