olight summer sale




It really has started to feel like summer over the past week, with all that glorious sunshine, and what a perfect time to announce some hot deals for our Summer Sale. 
To keep you in that summer spirit, we’re offering the discounts throughout the website up to 50% OFF. Over 100 items to put that summer smile on your face.


Light up your good times

The Olantern Mini is a 3.91-inch light lantern. How mini is it? Smaller and lighter than a bottle of milk (250 ml)! The 360-degree scenario-based light source is perfect for camping time and sweet family reunions.
What’s more, with its built-in motion sensor, the clever Olantern Mini will let you know where it is in the dark.


Extreme Distance Tactical Light

With its "Turbo" name, Warrior X Turbo
feels very solid and powerful in the hand, with the 1100 lumens max output and super far throw of 1000 meters.
No matter how dark your surroundings are, once you hold the Warrior X Turbo and full click the tail switch, the whole road ahead will be illuminated instantly.


The BIG Daddy of Torches

"It’s like a work of art to be honest. From the James Bond style case that it arrived in to the sheer beauty and craftsmanship of the light. It chucks out so much light on the 25k it’s absolutely breathtaking to the human eye. I have used it several times at different venues and no one can believe what this thing does."




Everyone was amazed at the light output of my new torch especially when they saw the size of it. I have since bought more of these as gifts for those family members and they were thrilled to bits, to receive them. 

Stylish sofa

Baldr S Black

One of the most powerful compact light/green beam combos on the market.Its white light output goes up to an amazing 800 lumens and is complemented by a low 100-lumen setting.