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Olight Best Head Torches

Olight Best Head Torches

06 Nov, 2021

People who like cross-country night running or outdoor working know that it's inconvenient to hold a torch during running, climbing, hiking or working outside. If you're heading into the great outdoors for some after-dark hiking, running or camping, you'll need a reliable head torch when under situations that need to be hands-free.

A good head torch will feel comfy and stable on the forehead and provide ample illumination for your adventures, whether that's lighting up a mountain trail or helping you repair your car.

Here we want to introduce Olight's most popular headtorch to you. Every headtorch is our hot-sale product and loved by many fans, there is always one that can meet your needs.

Star Product Perun 2 - Olight No.1 performance head torch  Learn More>>

Since Perun 2 met your guys in last year's Black Friday Sale, it became Olight most popular head torch. If you are searching for a high performance torch which also provides you hands-free experience, then go for this product. To explain, it has a 4000mAh 21700 battery that provides longer runtime and delivers a maximum output of about 2500 lumens which is 25% brighter than its predecessor the Perun. The low battery warning feature vibrates when the battery power belongs 10%.

Furthermore, this model has a built-in proximity sensor that drops the brightness in case of an obstacle nearby. There is the MCC3 USB charging cable, which improves the charging efficiency. Even more, it has a 10° tilt angle button cap that is easy to use, especially in the dark.

With its top features, Perun 2 will be your best head torch for work. This amazing multifunctional headlamp is really suitable for someone who needs both a traditional handheld torch and a head torch with a headband.

 NEW Darkhorse - Array 2S  Learn More>>

Find a professional headtorch with intelligent functions? Array 2S deserves your notice. As the first new headtorch in this year, Array 2S is like a Darkhorse, we are all surprised that so many fans love it. 

Why it's intelligent? Simply wave your hand in front of the head, then you can switch the model to what you need. (Flood+spotlight, floodlight, red light and even SOS) Even better, it memorizes the setting you previously used. What an amazing headlamp! Also Array 2S comes with super bright powerful features, Illuminating up to 140 meters with a 1000-lumen beam of LED light, and it's weightless, elastic, and sweat-proof headband that is adjustable by 60°, a rechargeable 2600mAh battery pack ensures 25 hours of runtime and is conveniently charged via a popular Type-C port without disassembling. It will conquer most outdoor tasks, just like night running, outdoor adventures.

Array 2S will not make you down, this smart headlamp will be your best torch for running, why not know more about it? 

Tiny but mighty head torch - Perun mini kit  Learn More>>

ONLY 1.83 oz / 52g, Perun mini kit is specially designed super mini and compact, You can easily pinch it with your index finger and thumb. Don't let its mini size fool you into thinking it doesn't produce higher lumens, this thumb size torch could boast a max 1000 lumens output, what's more, it comes with a total 5 different output settings, including turbo mode and moon mode. 

Small and high power EDC headlamp

Imagine that your home suddenly went out of power, and you want to check whether there is a problem with the circuit? Or when traveling outdoors, the car you are driving suddenly breaks down and you have to check what's wrong. Don't you need a lighting tool to help you check it? Perun mini kit could be your best helper, thanks to its size you can easily carry it with you everywhere and feel next to nothing, the optional adjustable headband gives you up and down 60-degree rotation, you can find your optimum angle when you use it as a headlamp. Without a headband, Perun mini could use as an EDC torch for daily use, night walking with your dog, or camping outside with your family.

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