Update! Four New Torches for Halloween Sale

Update! Four New Torches for Halloween Sale

20 Oct, 2020

Four New Torches Released This Halloween! 
 Warrior X Pro( Limited Edition) O Lantern Open 2 Cu i5T EOS Ti

Warrior X Pro

The Warrior X Pro is capable of producing a maximum of 2100 lumens for up to 500 meters of throw and delivering a 2A current for 100% faster charging than Warrior X.


● Featuring two LED Modules: White light and Flaming;
● All-around lantern with steady 360-degree lighting;
● Motion-sensitive battery indicators, fading on & off to help locate lantern in the darkness.

It’s time to discover a brand-new lighting experience for any dark situation.

Copper & Titanium Collection  

● Limited Copper Open 2: max 120 lumens and 4 brightness levels

● Up to a 10-hour runtime and can be fully charged in less than an hour

● L-type bolt: a simple action extends and retracts the ball point.

● Limited Titanium i5T EOS: max 300-lumen output and 60-meter beam distance 

● Quick mode shifts all through the tail switch 

● The dual direction pocket clip for hands-free use.

The Longest Throw Torch - Javelot Turbo
Olight Warrior Mini – A Super Powerful EDC Torch




Marauder Mini High Power Torch Black (Single / Bundle)

£ 129.99
£ 199.99

Best Gift For Christmas: Obulb Pro Bundle

£ 27.99
£ 39.99

Mystery Pack For Black Friday

£ 9.99

i5R EOS Rechargeable EDC Torch

£ 26.96
£ 35.95

Baton 3 Pro Bundle without proximity sensor

£ 53.96
£ 89.94

Arkfeld Limited Edition: Winter 3 Ti and Eternal 3 Cu Laser Torch

£ 83.99
£ 119.99

Perun 2 Brightest Multifunctional Head Torch

£ 62.99
£ 89.99

Array 2 Pro Head Torch Light 1500 Lumens

£ 58.49
£ 89.99