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Colour Your Night with Obulb MC.

Colour Your Night with Obulb MC.

24 Sep, 2021

This is the perfect time to kick back and relax. 

The new Obulb MC is the perfect addition to your dream night, 

including multicolours to set the vibe for any experience.

The Obulb MC is a small light up orb with a blend of colours that include 

warm, red, green, blue and much more. 

This versatile light source can be used in any room of the house for ambient light.


Obulb MC has 360-degree uniform light and 75 lumens of high-bright white light, which is convenient for night work lighting and has a clearer vision;

As a reading light to make reading more atmospheric and bedtime stories warmer.

The bright and warm lighting makes work and study have the ultimate immersive experience and improves concentration.


The 8 lighting modes can be switched in cycles and the colours change to decorate the party's lively atmosphere; You can decorate the dining table and enjoy a good meal with your lovers and friends;                      

To meet the needs of different outdoor or emergency situations, such as camping and hiking, outdoor travel lights, power outage emergency, location marker signal lights to meet the needs of different scenarios.    


Magnetic Olink

Olink magnetic hanging ring, strong adsorption, just press the ring switch, can be hung on the backpack, belt, zipper buckle, release hands, small and convenient.

Elastic Osling

Osling can be carried by hand, hung upright, tack-hung, and shaken arbitrarily. It is an interesting decompression artefact! Welcome to unlock more interesting scenes of Osling.


“ I'm really liking the new Obulb MC. It is brighter than the Obulb, is capable of more colours and has more settings. If you are considering getting the Obulb MC, I suggest getting the MCA charger. This charger is very versatile. It will allow you to put an Obulb in any outlet in your home and use it as a night light or ambient light. This will be great for any kids room. You can also use it to charge a second light thru the USB port. This is great for travelling or to charge a light without needing a cable ” — Jo** Go**

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