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Black Friday! 25+1 New Products Just Arrived

Black Friday! 25+1 New Products Just Arrived

19 Nov, 2021

We are so excited to share these fantastic deals! 

The best Black Friday 2021 deals include the 25 BRAND NEW products like the Warrior 3 and Javelot pro 2. 

Leave the hustle and bustle behind by adding deals straight to your basket.

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? Random Order gift i1R 2 Orange or i3E Orange.

? Available from 20:00 on the 25/11 - 23:59 30/11.

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 WARRIOR 3 Black/Orange/Desert Camouflage 

- Upgraded: Paired with NEW Cool White LED, delivers max 2300 Lumens output.  

- Long Runtime: Features up to 55 days runtime making this the perfect tactical torch for hiking, camping, self-defense, and law enforcement.  

- NEW function: Brightness level and battery level indicators around the side switch, get a real-time lumen and battery level reminder in time.  

- Improved Tailcap: Re-engineered tailcap supports the optional dual-button magnetic remote switch for professional users.

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 Obuddy & Obulb MCs with Motion Sensor 

Smart ON/OFF BY A Motion Sensor: It's easy to stub your toe in the middle of the night when you can't see where you're going, or if your children they're afraid of darkness, then go for our Obulb MCs which have auto-turn on/off motion sensor function. Adding a few Obulb MCs could help you avoid the edges of furniture when you walk around in the dark, plug-in on child's room, the warm light let children not be afraid in the dark. 

 The Obuddy is an astronaut-like charger compatible with Obulb product family. It looks like a cute spaceman and can be used as a functional decoration for your desk because it is also a convenient charger for the Obulb(not included). After inserting an Obulb(not included) and turning it on, the Obuddy brings a bit of sci-fi to your world. Decorative and functional, the Obuddy is a great buy!

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 Baton 3 Premium Seasonal & Eternal

Olight 's first wireless charged baton series torches. No anxiety about the charger problem. The Special Titanium and Coppermaterials give you a special touch and highly resistant. Here there are five styles options provided for you. 

? Spring: With Violets blooming, the garden is full of life. 

? Summer: Palm tree swaying in the gentle breeze. 

? Autumn: Maple Leaves dancing in the crisp air. 

⛄ Winter: Fluffy snowflakes drifting in the sky. 

? Eternal: For those who love, time is eternity.

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Javelot Pro 2 Black/Desert Camouflage

The max 2,500-lumen output of the Javelot Pro 2 poses a great challenge to have stability and performance in one package. To keep the beast in check, we sourced the superior DC control chip and first-class electronics worldwide and optimized the circuit feedback to maximize efficiency reached 94% while pumping out 2500 lumens. Moreover, it features automatic thermal protection and deep cooling heat sinks, which dissipate heat efficiently. For sure, the Javelot Pro 2 will always deliver superior performance.

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 Warrior X 3 Black/OD Green 

The strike bezel has become bigger, stronger, and more aggressive. Now with Warrior X 3, the bezel is embedded with 3 glass-breaking zirconium beads. The tactical cigar ring has evolved to an ingenious Warrior Ring, which provides better control of the torch during stressful situations. It also has a strike tip for self-defense. The original one-button non-magnetic remote switch has been upgraded into the newest lockable dual-button magnetic remote switch. Now, you can access high/low output or momentary-on/constant-on securely and directly when the flashlight is mounted on your setup. After 13 years of R&D, we present you with the best-than-ever Warrior X 3 tactical torch.

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 X9R Marauder OD Green 

The X9R Marauder gives you everything you need about torches, redefining the next generation of power. It delivers a massive 25000 lumens and a beam up to 630 meters - that's breathtaking to the human eye. Such overwhelming power, but it is also an exquisite torch with perfect ergonomic milled finger groove, aiming to provide you with the best holding experience. What's more, a decent firm carrying case is included, stand by for your every adventure.

25% OFF during Black Friday! Huge discounts! SAVE £165 immediately!

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 Marauder Midnight Blue 

"Went into the woods with it and but it on full flood. The birds started singing. They thought it was sunrise. "

Marauder 2 is our best-selling rescue torch in 2021! Here comes with Midnight Blue colour, it's time to enrich your marauder collection!

Marauder 2 is worth the money with its revolutionary rotary or press switch and outstanding performance of 14000 lumens. Flood light or throw light? Both! The Marauder 2 is perfect for searching an area by using the flood setting or looking for a specific subject even 800 meters away. Torch or power bank? When you need some light, it is a torch; when you want to charge your phone it gets charged! Built in proximity sensor and cooling fins design helps keep the light cool.

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Array 2S Orange

Array 2S is coming back! High professional headlamp with hand wave control function, this all-around smart headlamp is integrated desgn with light, adjustable headband, and a rechargeable 2600mAh battery pack. When you having a night jogging, mountaineering or camping, Array 2S which can deliver a max 1000 lumens output could light your way in the dark. 

What's more, Array 2S is an excellent working light, wear it on your head, use the side switch or simply wave your hand in front of the head, then you can switch the model to what you need. Even better, it memorizes the setting you previously used. What an amazing headlamp! Imagine you are repairing your car or working at night, Array 2S will be your perfect helper offers all the functions you need in the dark for hands-free uses.

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i3T Plus Slim EDC Torch

● Useful Light Source: It delivers a high output of 250 lumens and a low output of 15 lumens, perfect for taking care of everyday tasks. ● Extended Runtime: Powered by two widely available AAA batteries, it runs up to 28 hours at 15 lumens. 

● Slim Body: Slim aluminum alloy body with non-slip knurling. You can easily hold it with three fingers and use it to inspect narrow spaces.

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 More new arrivals and discounts throughout the website! 

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Chris Thomson

are we getting the I1R 2 "Pro" here in the UK? Id love to see that upgrade for us. thanks.

Posted on: 19 Nov, 2021, 14:34:57