What basic survival kit you can get from Olight UK?

What basic survival kit you can get from Olight UK?

17 Dec, 2021

outdoor shelter water and fire

3 things are most important to outdoor enthusiast with no doubt: shelter, water and fire. With shelter you can enjoy a cup of tea in the rain watching the little water drops and listening to the falling rain. How do you get some water? If it is raining, it is from the sky. Piece of cake. But if it is not, you need to check out where it is the nearest water source right after you arrive your destination, stream, river, lake etc where you can get some water to drink, to do some personal hygiene, or to treat yourself a cup of tea. Fire, is always an important element, which our ancestors use it to threaten the beast away. Fire can cook the food also boil the water so to kill the bacteria we can not see.

With these 3 things above can we survive outdoor? Might be but treat yourself some goodies and enjoy the great nature I would say. When you are planning to stay outdoor for a couple of days, double check your package that you have everything needed done. Go back to the topic. You’d better not leave yourself in an open area without torches, be a modern outdoor explorer. Torch is an essential tool in our daily life let alone going outdoors when darkness comes. Exploring and enjoying the great outdoors is an amazing and pleasant activity, yet make sure you go out with well-packed gears that can survive you from outdoors. Here I am going to introduce you some high quality and durable survival gear you can purchase directly from Olight UK.

Start from the very beginning, when you are packing, you are going to pick this pick that, it would be kind of messy. “Get yourself organized!” It is what most people want it to be. If you have an Olight Obag EDCM (EDCM refers to everyday carry medium), you are in the least trouble doing the packing. All of your daily carry is in the bag, simple as like that.

survival kit uk

Most of the bags are opened by zipper, from this side to the other side (shown as picture below), and with the Obag EDCM, you can also open a bag by drap one end of the paracord loops (shown as picture below). The Obag EDCM is an EDC tactical bag with two compartments. It is splash-resistant and highly durable with nylon 500D Cordura as the main fabric and a Nylon 1050D front panel. The two compartments with different pockets offer enough room to carry torches, pens, knives, and other items. Versatile and functional, the bag provides quick access to all the gear you need.

Obag khaki colour

If you are struggling what torch should you buy and which one should you take? Here are some tips. A multifunctional torch is a must. Olight No.1 performance head torch Perun 2, 2500 lumens and 12.5 days at maximum. A built-in proximity sensor can dim brightness automatically when item is approaching or it is obstructed by object, you can wear it on your head or clip it on your backpack, then you are good to go.

head torch for hiking

You also need a powerful handheld torch along with the versatile head torch so you can bright as much area as you want, a flood light would be a great choice. The “new rising star” – Seeker 3 Pro, it produces an incredible output of 4200 lumens and a 250m beam distance. It gets locked out automatically after 30 seconds of non-operation. Rotate the knob switch over 90 degrees to unlock it, also the rotary switch can help you change the output from nothing to ultra-bright.

survival torch

When you are having a chat with your friends outside the tent or going to have a good sleep at night, set an Obulb nearby could be more than perfect. Press it at the bottom to change to the right brightness, and then you can enjoy the long night outdoor.

camping lights for tent

Besides torches, you also need a camping cooking knife when you want to cut the meat, or peel some barks to make a fire. If you are reading this article and think it is useful or you want to correct or share some information, feel free to leave a comment. We are looking forward to hear some feedback from our readers.

camping cooking knife

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Daniel Holland

All I need is the bag and a splint and I'm ready to go ??

Posted on: 17 Dec, 2021, 19:52:15


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