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New Release | Open for a visual feast

New Release | Open for a visual feast

23 May, 2022

Choose your colour temp and body texture!

Never before have you had options like this! Not only are we releasing 2 BRAND-NEW products and a green you have all wanted, we have multiple knurling AND colour temp options! Don’t miss out on the Baldr S BL with our first ever blue laser!

I've been using this torch every day for the last 4 weeks at work it gets muddy and wet I literally wash it off in the evening it looks just as I bought it. This torch feels really sturdy in the hand.

I have 3 different S2R Baton IIs around the house now. One on my bedside, one on my desk and another as a spare. One or the other is used daily. I love the light output and the feel in the hand. It sits on my desk and I fiddle with it constantly.

I5t Plus VS I5T Torch Light
Olight AAA Torch



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Adam W

Will be picking up an i5T plus for sure!

Posted on: 24 May, 2022, 13:52:10