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New Products and the Best Money-saving Options for Black Friday Are Here!

New Products and the Best Money-saving Options for Black Friday Are Here!

19 Nov, 2022

The new products were finally released yesterday.

Have you seen all the products on our website?

Do you know how to save money on the official Olight UK shop during the Black Friday sale?


Here we will introduce our new products and tell you all about the special and benefits!


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1. Free login gift: Friendship 2023/iTHX /i3E Antique Bronze

Gift rules:

● Diamond and above: Friendship 2023.

● Members below Diamond level: iTHX Random Colour.

● New customers: An i3E Antique Bronze One gift per account. First come, first served!


2. Lucky Draw

During Black Friday Sale, you could enter the lucky draw every day to try your luck. Winners' prizes will be added to the cart automatically.

Event Time: 18/11-28/11


3. Mystery Pack

Three Mystery Packs at different levels: £9.99, £19.99, £59.99.

● £9.99: Obulb Grey,Obag sport, i3T, I1R 2 EOS KIT, Owhistle

● £19.99: i5R(Random Color), i3T Plus, i5T Plus ,Obulb MCs + Osling, OPry Pro, Obulb Pro(Without MCC-1A)

● £59.99:Baton 3 kit season and eternal, Baton 3 Premium Edition, Warrior 3S, Arkfeld (Cool White)


Surprise yourself with a super low price!

There's also a chance to win a new product!


4. Newsletter Giveaway


Come to our online store to buy the Marauder mini through the Newsletter channel, and we will select one order per day to send a free Olight Cup! The winners will be announced in the mail the next day.
Available from 20:00 20/11 - 23:59 28/11



After receiving your Marauder mini, come and leave reviews with pictures on the listing of Marauder mini and 10 lucky winners will receive a free i3T snowflake red.

Available from 20:00 22/11 - 23:59 28/11


5. Facebook Giveaway

1.#OTHANKS2022: 3 rounds in total!
Prizes worth over £600!

2.#9KGIVEAWAY: Win a Marauder Mini!
Worth £199.99!

3. Free Order: You may the lucky one to get all your money back!

4.#Opackage: You may also have the prize even you share your package!


6. New Registers Coupon

New registers can receive three extra coupons:£5+£10+£15.


7. Free Tier Gifts

Participation Rules:

There are three Tier Gifts in total, and each one has its own corresponding criteria:

● Those who place an order for more than £169 but no more than £399 get a Free Omino(White)Magnetic Charging Ports.

● Those who place an order for more than £399 but less than £599 get a Free Open Pro Laser Penlight in random color.

● Those who place an order for more than £599 get a Free Nightour+Obulb MCs Pack in random colour .


These are our Black Friday benefits, followed by a look at our new products.


iTHX= We (Olight) thanks all our O-fans

Olight wants to say thank you to all our O-fans. Olight will always remember the help and support from everyone, especially those friends who share weal and woe, and who stick by us even through the most difficult of times. We truly treasure these precious relationships and want to express our thankfulness to you.


NEW PRODUCT 2: Friendship 2023

We call this i3T EOS (CU) Friendship. 

Copper, represents eternal, symbolizing the profound friendship between O-Fans and Olight that will last forever. It usually has a green patina as time passes, just like our friendship; always growing deeper with beautiful memories through all the ups and downs.


NEW PRODUCT 3: Marauder Mini


The Marauder mini is a miniature version of Olight's Marauder series of torches. 

The Marauder mini comes in three colors: black, orange, and Midnight blue.

It has spot, flood, and RGB functions.



NEW PRODUCT 3: Array 2 Pro

ARRAY 2 PRO is a high-performance headlamp, tailored for outdoor climbing, camping, fishing, night running, daily maintenance, emergency, and more.

1500 lumens max output, smart motion sensor, 3 light sources, ergonomic 60° tilt, 27.5 hours of continuous runtime, IPX4 waterproof, and TYPE-C rechargeable, make ARRAY 2 PRO a small yet powerful partner for your every adventure.



PL-3 Valkyrie is a compact WML with an adjustable sliding key-block. 

It has a maximum output of 1,300 lumens and a throw of 225 meters. Compared to the PL-2, its light output has been increased by 8%, making it suitable for field search, self-defense, and law enforcement. 

PL-3 comes in three colors: Black, Desert Tan, and Gunmetal Grey.


NEW PRODUCT 5: Otool 2 & Otool 2 Mini


Otool 2 & Otool 2 Mini are both small multi-tools: It includes a pry bar, bottle opener, hexagonal wrench, cross bit, and a keychain.

The Otool 2 differs from the Otool 2 Mini in that it also has a knife.


Next up are our new colour offerings that we're sure you'll love!


NEW PRODUCT 6: Winter 3(Arkfeld Ti)/Eternal 3(Arkfeld Cu)


The 3rd generation of the Season and Eternal series is built around Olight's 2022

Most popular, most innovative EDC light - The Arkfeld! 

Winter 3 Ti is made of Titanium Alloy and its surface has been sandblasted.

Eternal 3 CU is made of classic copper material and adopts a design process.



NEW PRODUCT 7: i5R Ice Flower Periwinkle

The i5R Ice Flower Periwinkle Blue is made of titanium, which will naturally form different shapes of ice-like crystals throughout the body after being heated to a certain degree in a high-temperature furnace. This process will bring out brilliant colors under different voltages, making each i5R unique. 

What's more, this special I5R also utilizes a vacuum nano-coating(AF) technology to increase the wear resistance of the product.

This is a new process we have never tried. However, due to the high complexity and difficulty of its production, its production cost is much higher than other special metal products, and the corresponding price is reflective of that.


NEW PRODUCT 8: i3T Snowflake Red 

NEW PRODUCT 9: Osling Pro - Xmas Tree


NEW PRODUCT 10: Warrior 3S Camouflage 

NEW PRODUCT 11: Perun 2 Blue


NEW PRODUCT 12: Baton 3 Pro Purple/Orange


These are our new products and benefits campaign, which product or benefit do you like?

Feel free to tell us in the comments.

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charles Austin

Love olight gear just wouldpreferto be able to get stuff instead of it going out of stock very quickly.

Posted on: 20 Nov, 2022, 21:38:52