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Long-wave UV Light (UVA) and It's Benefits

Long-wave UV Light (UVA) and It's Benefits

28 Mar, 2023

Ultraviolet light is one of the most powerful and beneficial forms of light available. Its application extends from its most common use in tanning beds to its sophisticated use in medical clinics for a variety of treatments. While there are several types of ultraviolet light, long-wave UV light is an especially beneficial variant that has a wide range of applications. In this article, we’ll explore the properties of long-wave UV light and the many benefits it provides.

What Is Long-wave UV Light?

Long-wave ultraviolet light, also known as UVA, has a wavelength of between 315-400 nanometers (nm). It is the second most common type of ultraviolet light, preceded by short-wave or UVB light. Long-wave UV light is sometimes referred to as “black light” because it gives off a violet glow when visible.

What Are The Benefits Of Long-wave UV Light?

The benefits of long-wave UV light are immense. As a result, its applications range from medical treatment to pest control. Here are just a few of the many benefits of long-wave UV light:

1. Tanning: One of the most popular uses of long-wave UV light is for tanning. Tanning beds typically use this type of light to safely and effectively give you a golden sun-kissed glow. Long-wave UV light is the preferred type of ultraviolet light for tanning because it penetrates the skin more deeply and provides a more natural, even tan.

2. Disinfection: Long-wave UV light is used in a variety of settings to disinfect and sterilize areas. Its germicidal capabilities make it useful in medical, industrial, and food production settings where cleanliness is essential. As a result, long-wave UV light is an effective tool for preventing the spread of germs, bacteria, and allergen-causing particles.

3. Insect Control: Long-wave UV light can be used to attract and trap unwanted insects. Specialized bulbs that emit long-wave UV light are incredibly effective at drawing insects like flies, moths and mosquitoes toward them. This makes them an ideal solution for eliminating these pests in enclosed areas where chemical insecticides cannot be used.

4. Fluorescence: Long-wave UV light is also used for fluorescence, which is the process of illuminating certain substances to detect their presence. For example, long-wave UV light is often used to detect biological samples and bodily fluids, as well as to detect chips and other tiny items in electronics. This type of UV light is also used to detect counterfeit money and identity documents.

5. Skin Treatments

Long-wave UV light is used in medical clinics and dermatology offices to treat a variety of skin conditions. This type of light is beneficial for treating psoriasis, vitiligo, and even wrinkles. It is also used in laser removal treatments and for hair removal.

6. Fire Detection: Finally, long-wave UV light is used to detect fires in certain settings. Specialized detectors are able to sense the long-wave UV light given off by burning materials and alert authorities if a fire has been detected.

As you can see, long-wave UV light offers a wide range of benefits. From tanning and disinfecting to skin treatments and insect control, this type of ultraviolet light is truly invaluable. If you’re looking for an effective way to reap the benefits of UV light, long-wave UV light is the perfect option.

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