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Javelot Mini Spotlight Torch Review

Javelot Mini Spotlight Torch Review

10 Feb, 2023

The Olight Javelot Mini comes with a high-performance LED and is powered by a single customized 2040mAh 18500 rechargeable lithium battery with a maximum output of 1000 lumens.

High output will run at 1000 lumens for 6.5 minutes before dropping down to 500 lumens with an additional run time of 78 minutes – this is to prevent the LED from overheating, it will then drop down to 200 lumens, with a further run time of 19 minutes.

Beam Quality

As with all the Olight torches I’ve tested, the beam quality is excellent.

The Javelot features OLIGHT’s first EDC torch with a circular light source that provides a softer, more uniform beam.

I found the beam to be as described with a good uniform beam and wider spill area, that lights up the surroundings.

The beam is more focused than other Olight torches such as the Warrior 3S Tactical EDC… this allows the beam to reach 600m and opposed to 300m for the Warrior 3S.


Charging occurs via Olight’s signature magnetic charging cable – the magnet is strong enough to easily attract the charging base by moving the tail of the torch close to the charging pad.

There is a standard USB on the other end that can be used with any USB plug or portable battery.

The magnetic pad on the cable has a charging light next to it that lights up red when charging and green once fully charged and it takes 3.1 hours to fully charge the battery from flat.

Power Button & Modes

The Javelot mini has a two-step tail switch – fully depressing the switch activates mode 1 (1000 lumens), depressing it again switches the light off.

Partially depressing the tail switch activates mode 2 (200 lumens) and it should be partially depressed again to switch it off.

The torch also features a vibrating power indicator that alerts the user if the battery power is low:

● <30% battery power – the body will vibrate once every 5 minutes

● <10% battery power – the body will vibrate twice per minute

● <5% battery power – the body will vibrate three times every 10 seconds


The Javelot comes with a cleverly designed holster that allows it to be carried in a variety of ways.


The body has a textured pattern that gives a very firm grip – even if your hands are wet, you won’t find the torch slipping.

Conclusion & Exclusive Offer

The primary function of the Javelot Mini is to deliver a beam of light that penetrates far into the distance and therefore it does away with extra features that you find on many other torches, such as moonlight/strobe modes or the SOS function – it keeps things simple – from the minimalist two-step tail switch to the two simple easily interchangeable modes.

If you’re looking for a torch that can provide a beam of light that reaches up to 600m and you’re not too concerned about other features, then the Javelot Mini is the one for you.

Personally – I would also carry another EDC with me, such as the Warrior 3S, as then I’ve got a torch that I can use in other scenarios too. 


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