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Gotorch X: Olight First Self-Produced Bicycle Light

Gotorch X: Olight First Self-Produced Bicycle Light

15 Feb, 2023

Almost all of our bicycle lights are made in collaboration with Magicshine, including the two items in this Valentine's Day sale: the RN 100 TL bicycle tail light, the Wyvern bicycle front light, and the previously listed Allty 2000, RN 3500, RN 1500, RN 1200, RN 400, RN 180, RN 120, BFL 1800, BFL 900, SEEMEE 30.

For these co-branded bike lights, you may notice that the box with the manufacturer's information is not only Olight but also the "Made by Magicshine".

But in February 2023, Olight succeeded in designing and producing its own bicycle lights: Gotorch X.

The Gotorch X is a mountain bike light that we hope will give sports riders who like to ride outdoors an unobstructed lighting experience. Let's take a look at some of the features of the Gotorch X.


1. Specifications

2. User experience

3. Quality and warranty

4. Lighting Modes & Runtime

5. User operating modes

6. Charging and battery

7. Package

8. Summary: Gotorch X main features


Brand & Model

Olight Gotorch X

Torch Category

Bike Light

Light Source

Neutral White LED

Max. Output

2000 Lumens

Max. Runtime

89 Hours

Max. Beam Distance

250 Metres (820 ft)

Max. Illuminance

160 lx

Battery cConfig.

Li-ion Battery Pack

Onboard Charging

USB-C Onboard Charging


3 (High, Low, Day Running Light)



Review Publication Date

February 2023


User experience

It's the best mountain bike light I've ever used! The beam is the best I've ever seen while speeding down the trails. I can easily see everything in front and to the sides. 10 out of 10. Great work Olight!

By J**** 

Feb 10, 2023, 03:09:41


Quality and warranty

Like most of Olight's torches, Gotorch X is made of aluminium alloy. Aluminium alloy is the raw material used in many bicycles and has the advantage of low weight (low density), high strength and corrosion resistance, making it very hard and resistant.

Olight chose aluminium alloy for the Gotorch X bike light so that when you get an unexpected fall, the light will be just as good as your bike.

Aluminium alloy is more complicated to produce and costs more than plastic, which increases its price.


Warranty: You can get a free replacement service on your Gotorch within 30 days and a 2 year warranty against any defects or problems. Contact Olight UK for repair or replacement.


Lighting Modes and Runtime

3 lighting modes for choose from

● 2000 lumens super bright mountain bike light

With a range of 250 metres at 2000 lumens, the Gotorch X is a leader in comparison to similar lights. With light reaching farther and brighter, the Gotorch X also offers a floodlight effect, where light spills out on both sides (wide spill) to illuminate the road and objects next to it (a combination of spotlight and floodlight).

● 1000 Lumen bike light

At a low level of output of 1000 lumens, the Gotorch X can also reach a beam distance of 185 metres. It is sufficient for most mountain biking at night and it creates good visibility of closer trail features and obstacles to the front and sides.

● 100-lumen bike light

When you ride in the evening, between 5 pm-7 pm in summer and 4 pm-5 pm in winter, you can switch on the 100-lumen mode and the Gotorch X will illuminate the road up to 55m ahead, which gives you a completely stress-free view.


User operation modes

● Available modes:

High, Low, Day Running Light


● Available blinky modes: No


● Charging

Charge the product before use, get the USB-C charging cable from the package and plug it into the adapter, with the C end plugged into the USB-C end of the battery pack for charging.


● Preparation for use

To check the battery pack charge level, touch the power display button on the top of the pack, the brightness bar shows the corresponding charge level. (as shown below)


● Make the connection between the main unit and the battery pack

The battery pack is connected to the main unit using the XT30 special connector, the male end of the main unit is plugged into the female end, please note the direction.

(1) Battery pack installation

The battery pack and the bike stem can be mounted in multiple positions.

(2) Light head switch

Day Running Light: (in the off state, single press (or multi-click) to enter day running light mode, and single press again (or multi-click) to switch off.

Illumination: (off or in Day Running Light mode) long press to enter illumination mode, output at low brightness by default on.

single press to change brightness, output switches between low and high brightness, long press to switch off.

Note: Two or more consecutive presses to output high brightness gear.


Charging and battery

Gotorch is equipped with a USB Type-C port for charging and also allows the battery pack to be used as a convenient mobile power source for charging mobile phones, tail lights, GPS, sports cameras, etc. (the battery can be charged or discharged)

Gotorch X battery warning

● Green indicator: battery between75%-100%

● Orange indicator: battery between 75-30%

● Red indicator: battery between 30%-10%

● Indicator Blinks Red: battery between 0-10%



● Bike Light x 1

● USB Cable x 1

● Clamp Arm x 1

● Screws x 2

● Clamp x 1

● Battery Pack x 1

● User Manual x 1

● Cable Zip Ties x 2

● Big Silicone Strap x 1

● Small Silicone Strap x 1

● 7/64 in Allen Wrench x 1

● Thin Cushion Ring(31.80 mm / 1.25 in) x 1

● Thick Cushion Ring(28.60 mm / 1.12 in) x 1

Summary: Gotorch X Key Features

1. Combines both wide illumination and distance thanks to a mixed beam pattern.

2. High output Neutral White LED Light with up to 2000 lumens output, and a range of 250 metres.

3. 3 Lighting modes to choose from, Day Running Light (100 lumens) improves safety in well-lit areas and saves power.

4. Oversized "Jumbo Switch" for quick and simple operation.

5. Battery can be used as a mobile power source, supports Type C charging and 18W fast charging. Buy one Gotorch X = 1 bike light + 1 mobile power

6. Head compatible with GoPro mounts, for rapid and easy mounting.


Do you like the Gotorch X bike light from Olight?

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