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What is the correct EDC selection guide?

What is the correct EDC selection guide?

28 Jun, 2021

In the young people's social circle, EDC has been being popular all the time. So many people like sharing their EDC products on social networking platforms. But someone’s showing EDC looks too extravagant, such as kinds of car keys, luxuries, etc. It is honest to say that aren’t common touch.

For some people who like showing, their EDC products may be an expensive wristwatch or a well-made wallet. But for torch lovers, their EDC product is a unique torch.

 What are the most suitable EDC products for us? 

That is an interesting question. In our daily life, The most important factor in deciding to carry an item is whether or not the item is actually useful to us in our life.

Which items have the highest daily usage rate? I think the one that is used the most is the torch, except the normal stuff like keys, mobile phones and power banks.

Although the coverage area of public lighting facilities has been very wide. In fact, there are still many low-light environments in our life, such as common scenes, corridors and garages. A torch can provide us with lighting support in many low-light environments.

It can also be difficult to choose between a variety of torches with different functions.

Next, let's choose exclusive your best EDC from three perspectives.


 Convenience - The smallest size


Olight i1R 2 EOS Keychain Light - Good looking and Easy to use

Olight i1R 2 is a combination of both. At just 44mm in length and 14.8mm in diameter, it’s smaller than a key. It’s also lighter because of its small size. The small EDC keychain torch weighs just 0.48 ounces, which makes it almost imperceptible its existence when you’re carrying it.

In terms of daily use, the two brightness modes of 150 lumens and 5 lumens can already cover a lot of lighting needs. The small size is not only suitable for Equipment enthusiasts, but also suitable for any type of user.

② Comprehensive - Many functions


Olight Perun mini - Suitable for multi-scene, Multifunctional Head Torch, powerful mini torch.

With a total length of just 61.5 mm, a head diameter of 21 mm and a barrel diameter of 20.6 mm, the Perun Mini is small enough to be used as an EDC torch.

Structurally, Olight Perun Mini is the Right Angle Torch, which is more adaptable than the conventional cylinder flashlight.

The control button of Perun mini is set at the top of the torch is where the Right Angle Flashlight button is most appropriate and comfortable to press.

It has stainless steel pocket clip and can be easily hung in a pocket, backpack or clipped to a belt. It can be used as a headlamp via the optional headband. When attached to clothes, backpacks or hats via the velcro duty patch, this compact yet powerful light can be rotated 60 degrees for the desired angle and extreme convenience, bringing brightness to your life and work anywhere and anytime.

Perun Mini is an EDC professional mini tool lamp, you can use it in almost any scene, and every detail of it is handled just right, you won’t “drop the ball” when you need it. Even you can free your hands when using it.

 ③ Fascinating - unique design 

Olight Open 2 - Light or Write, A pen and light union penlight

Olight Open 2 is about the same size as a regular office pen, with a total length of 145mm and a diameter of 12.7 mm, which makes it easy to hold and lightweight. Although it has a lighting function, its total weight is only 1.34 ounces.

Open 2 uses a split structure, which can split the lighting area and pen into two separate parts for use. This is a detail of the multi-purpose design concept.

Open 2 adopts a direct charging design with a charging port set at the bottom of the lighting system. Open 2 uses a more efficient Type-C USB charging port, which can be fully charged in 55 minutes.

Open 2 is an application to a variety of environments of the extension of lighting equipment. For most of the environment, the pen’s utilization rate is very high, and joined the lighting function on the pen, This combination will make it have stronger applicability, so it is suitable for the various users to use, as a gift, of course, this also is a very good choice.

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