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Are Tactical Torches Legal in the UK?

Are Tactical Torches Legal in the UK?

07 Apr, 2022

Is it legal to carry a tactical torch in the UK, here's everything you should know.


Let's talk about the law first.

For all of us living in the UK, UK laws are very strict about carrying tactic tools and weapons, and if you are stopped and searched by the police, you are probably breaking UK law.


But the good news is that UK law is enforced on a case-by-case basis and every case is based on individual circumstances, so if you're caught using an item for self-defence or carrying it in public, make sure you can explain for yourself in this case, you need "a good reason" to help you explain in front of the law. So be sure to seek legal advice if you are unsure of legal issues such as what you can bring with you.


In conclusion, although UK laws are very strict, I still recommend that you can carry a tactical torch with you, whether at night or during the day.


Let's first look at the difference between ordinary torches and tactical torches, and then analyze whether these torches comply with UK law.


Tactical Torch vs Ordinary Torch

A tactical torch is a special torch modelled after standard police equipment, originally designed to be mounted on firearms. They are usually used by the armed forces to operate in dark environments to illuminate their targets and sight lines. Police men are also trained in offensive and defensive strategies using tactical torches.

In addition to being used as a gun light, a tactical torch can also be used as a defensive tool.

1. Brightness: Compared with general torches, the LED lights and magnifying crystals of tactical torches provide very bright focused light, the most common brightness range is 1000 lumens-3000 lumens, or even higher.

2. Body making material: Tactical torches are usually made of metal materials with good anti-fall properties. As a result, tactical torches have recently become popular personal protective equipment. You can use this item for self-defence etc. The body of ordinary torches usually has plastic materials used for industrial lighting and so on.

3. Size: Tactical torches are much smaller in size than ordinary torches, because tactical torches need to be used in self-defence or emergencies. It must be portable.

4. Waterproof: Usually, the waterproof performance of tactical torches is higher than that of ordinary torches. Because as mentioned above, it has to adapt to various weather conditions.

5. Torch Design: Most tactical torches are head gears for self-defence or survival, tactical, law enforcement. And the design of the general torch is less "aggressive".


The tactical torches in the official UK store of Olight include Warrior series, Freyr series, Odin series, Baldr series, etc.


Are tactical torches considered weapons in the UK?

The torch itself is not offensive, so it is legally recognized. But if the torchlight has a stronger function, such as offensiveness, then it is considered a real "self-defence weapon", and it is a violation of UK law to carry it.



Is it legal for citizens to carry tactical torches for self-defence?

You need to judge whether your tactical torch is very aggressive and has the potential to hurt others.

As far as we know, different merchants have different definitions of "tactical torches". For example, Olight tactical torches do not have very sharp gears and cannot become a real "weapon", so don't worry too much.


The legal tactical torches in Olight official UK store are Warrior series, Freyr series, Odin series, Baldr series, etc. These torches are more like durable, bright, easy-to-carry tools for outdoor survival activities.


How to use a tactical torch for self-defence?

The tactical torch has a powerful brightness. You can protect yourself in the dark with this torchlight. If someone is trying to attack you, shine a tactical torch directly into his eyes. This intense light will temporarily blind him and you will have more time to escape.


Finally, remember to never admit that you are carrying a tactical torch to use it as a weapon in self-defence, or you will be subject to the law. The best explanation is that you are worried about encountering a dark situation without lighting.


Are tactical pens or tactical penlights legal?

Still as above, in some cases, as long as you use a tactical pen or penlight as a weapon, it can injure or even kill an attacker. You may be held liable as with other types of weapons, such as knives or guns.


If you only use it as a writing or lighting tool, then it must be legal, so the design of the pen or penlight you carry must not be too novel for the prosecutor to see that it has an offensive function!


Olight's Open series includes: Open Mini, Open 2, and Open Pro. These are all made of metal materials, which are sturdy and drop-resistant, portable, and can be used for outdoor daily carrying and office presentations. So it's very legal in the UK!


Other self-defence tools legal in the UK

The only fully legal self-defence product so far is the rape alarm. The other self-defence products that claim to be legal (such as non-toxic sprays) can be purchased from most local police stations or supermarkets and you can ask the police about their legality.

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