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7 New Products Launch in the UK

7 New Products Launch in the UK

21 Sep, 2022

Olight is celebrating its annual Fan Day in the UK, so we've planned a lot of benefits for our fans, with lots of surprises and discounts, which you can check out here.


At the same time, we will be launching new products that we have been working on for a long time. We hope that more of you will like and enjoy Olight's diverse range of products and give us your comments and suggestions, or you can find a product you like and leave a comment for a chance to win a free gift.


Now let's see what's new this time.


1. Baton 3 Pro LED Torch

The Baton 3 Pro is the upgraded version of S2R Baton 2. It is more powerful with up to 1,500 lumens, an increase of 30% from the S2R Baton 2. Compared with the previous proximity sensor, the new and technologically advanced hidden one is designed to increase the torch light output during daily use, while automatically reducing the brightness when the sensor detects an obstruction nearby. 

With two colour temperature options, cool white and neutral white, it meets a variety of needs and can tackle any scenario.

The enlarged concave side switch makes it more comfortable to touch and easy to operate. With the customized 18650 3200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it is fully charged in 3.5 hours using a USB magnetic charging cable. You can run the Baton 3 Pro for up to incredible 120 days. The included L-shape stand is used to store the torch conveniently after use. The widened and lengthened two-way clip is more secure when clipping in the pocket and backpack. The new body knurling design is more non-slip and comfortable to grip. Fully upgraded, the Baton 3 Pro will bring you a better EDC torch experience.


Price: £69.99

(30% off at 20:00:00 26/09/2022 - 23:59:59 29/09/2022! Price after discount: £48.99)


For more details click on the Baton 3 Pro product description page.


2. iMorse Small Torch

iMorse fun and games

The iMorse torch light is a gaming torch designed by Olight for Fan Fest 2022, as the body of this torch is engraved with Morse code, it would also be a good choice to take this code out of your keychain to develop your intelligence at your leisure.


iMorse torch

The iMorse is the upgraded version of i1R 2 EOS, Olight's popular rechargeable keychain torch. The high-performance CSP (chip scale package) LED, paired Users can turn the light on/off and switch outputs with a simple twist of the head. Powered by a larger built-in 130mAh Lithium-ion battery, it runs up to 12 hours. The aluminum alloy body makes this small light extremely durable. Only 51.3mm/2.02in long with a weight of only 22g/ 0.78oz, it is the perfect addition to your keychain.


Price: £21.99-£29.99

(25% off at 20:00:00 26/09/2022 -23:59:59 29/09/2022! Prices: £16.49-£22.49)


For more details click on the iMorse product description page.


3. Gober( KIT) Safety Light


The Gober is an Olight safety light for leisurely outdoor activities. Wear the Gober as a warning signal when you are backpacking or cycling, or your dog can wear the Gober on walks with you.


Price: £14.95-£29.95

(Up to 100 % off at 20:00:00 26/09/2022 - 23:59:59 29/09/2022! Price: £0-£19.77)


For more information click on the Gober/Gober KIT product page.



4. Marauder 2 Gunmetal Grey

The Marauder 2 is the most powerful Olight torch apart from the X9R, with 14,000 lumens and a range of 800!

The Marauder 2 black has always been our best seller and now for Fan Day in September we have released a new Gunmetal gray, which one would you prefer? Leave your reply.


Price: £295.99

(Up to 30% off at 20:00:00 26/09/2022 - 23:59:59 29/09/2022! Price : £207.19)


For more details click on the Marauder 2 product description page.



5. Sigurd & Baldr s BL Gunmetal grey Weapon Mounted Light


Even though we all know that the law in the UK is very strict on gun ownership, Olight's Weapon Mounted Lights are sold for people who specialise in military tactics or for those who are legally licensed to carry guns. If you would like to know more about the law on weapons safety, you can click here.


The Sigurd and Baldr s BL Gunmetal gray are the new products we are launching at Fan Fest in September.

(1) Sigurd

The Olight Sigurd is an innovative angled grip light with a Picatinny rail mount. It combines the ergonomic advantage of an angled grip with a 1450-peak-lumen light into one sleek device. The ergonomically angled grip features anti-slip grooves and finger stops, providing a comfortable grip while also insulating the heat between the barrel and hand. This product adopts the popular Picatinny rail mounting system and can also be mounted to M-LOK rails with a Picatinny rail adapter. The switches on both sides enable the ambidextrous operation and allow users to always maintain a tight grip on the hand guard. It also features IPX4 water resistance. Innovative and trouble-solving, this 2-in-1 product will be an ideal match for your long-range builds, especially providing a tactical advantage to Picatinny builds.


Price: £99.95

(Up to 30% off at 20:00:00 26/09/2022 - 23:59:59 29/09/2022! Price: £69.97)


For more details click on the Sigurd product introduction page.


(2) Baldr s BL Gunmetal grey Pistol Light

Gunmetal grey is the new colour this time, as Baldr s BL black is no longer enough for the fans, so we have conducted colour research and factory produced Baldr s BL Gunmetal grey.

The performance is exactly the same as black, Baldr s BL Gunmetal gray also features a blue laser light, a maximum of 800 lumens and much more.


Price: £129.99

(Up to 30% off at 20:00:00 26/09/2022 - 23:59:59 29/09/2022! Price: £90.99)


For more detailed information click on the Baldr s BL product description page.


6. i3E Antique Bronze Mini Torch

The new Antique Bronze colour has a very historical and cultural feel to it.

Like the other i3E colours, the i3E Antique Bronze Mini Torch is powered by a single AAA battery and has a range of 90 lumens and 44 metres. i3E is small enough to fit easily in your pocket.

Do you like the i3E in this colour? Leave your comments.


Price: £12.99

(Up to 30% off at 20:00:00 26/09/2022 - 23:59:59 29/09/2022! Price: £9.09)


For more details click on the i3E Antique Bronze product description page.



The End

Emphasis on the Fan Day sale on the Olight UK website is available for:


● Advance purchase for VIP customers (Silver level and above): 20:00:00 23/09/2022

● Official Sale for all users: 20:00:00 26/09/2022


We have more benefits and offers, so keep an eye out at!

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