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Colour Your Night with Obulb MC.

Colour Your Night with Obulb MC.

This is the perfect time to kick back and relax. 

The new Obulb MC is the perfect addition to your dream night, 

including multicolours to set the vibe for any experience.

The Obulb MC is a small light up orb with a blend of colours that include 

warm, red, green, blue and much more. 

This versatile light source can be used in any room of the house for ambient light.


Obulb MC has 360-degree uniform light and 75 lumens of high-bright white light, which is convenient for night work lighting and has a clearer vision;

As a reading light to make reading more atmospheric and bedtime stories warmer.

The bright and warm lighting makes work and study have the ultimate immersive experience and improves concentration.


The 8 lighting modes can be switched in cycles and the colours change to decorate the party's lively atmosphere; You can decorate the dining table and enjoy a good meal with your lovers and friends;                      

To meet the needs of different outdoor or emergency situations, such as camping and hiking, outdoor travel lights, power outage emergency, location marker signal lights to meet the needs of different scenarios.    


Magnetic Olink

Olink magnetic hanging ring, strong adsorption, just press the ring switch, can be hung on the backpack, belt, zipper buckle, release hands, small and convenient.

Elastic Osling

Osling can be carried by hand, hung upright, tack-hung, and shaken arbitrarily. It is an interesting decompression artefact! Welcome to unlock more interesting scenes of Osling.


“ I'm really liking the new Obulb MC. It is brighter than the Obulb, is capable of more colours and has more settings. If you are considering getting the Obulb MC, I suggest getting the MCA charger. This charger is very versatile. It will allow you to put an Obulb in any outlet in your home and use it as a night light or ambient light. This will be great for any kids room. You can also use it to charge a second light thru the USB port. This is great for travelling or to charge a light without needing a cable ” — Jo** Go**

24 Sep, 2021
Product Review | First impressions of the Warrior M2R Pro

Product Review | First impressions of the Warrior M2R Pro

First impressions of the Warrior M2R Pro

By Christian Southward                       

I'm sure many of you will know what an absolute banger this torch is but... I picked it up in the sale.  I actually wanted a warrior X pro or warrior X Turbo.  But the ocean camo pattern on the M2R Pro called to the magpie in me!  I wasn't disappointed either, the pattern is really lovely, it really shines, very eye catching.   

The kit it comes with is great too, the lanyard and holster are great to have. The crenulated bezel is quite sharp, it would definitely get through the fabric if pocket carried, so the holster is invaluable.  Having an adjustable lanyard keeps it secure on my wrist, I can carry it, confident it won't get dropped or misplaced. 

The fit and finish, the machining, style and heft all tell you it's a top quality product.  I can't find any fault there.  Perhaps my only niggle so far (and I've got to really nit-pick with this) is that the side switch isn't that easy to find in the dark, it takes a bit of rolling the torch around to locate it.  I'm sure it'll become easier with use.  Even if it doesn't, it's not something that bothers me. 

But it's use.  Man, what a torch!  I was at first a little unsure about spending 80-odd quid on a torch but I'm glad I did.  I often go for a late-night walk on a large field at the back of my house.  Being able to easily switch through the various light outputs is a great thing to have.  The light thrown out on all settings is all useable, even the lowest setting lights up the path ahead nicely, and not so bright that it ruins my night vision for a little naked eye stargazing. 

The turbo setting is unreal!  I've never seen a torch chuck out so much quality light, both as a spot and a wider arc, all at once.  There are a few dark, overgrown corners on the field, I think they won't have had as much light during the day than when I get the turbo glaring into them!   

While the torch is a little big for pocket EDC, it's taken up a very welcome place in my maxpedition neatfreak EDC bag.   It'll go everywhere I go.  I like having multiple lights on me but I've been relying on cheapo lights that are little better than stocking fillers.  They've all been replaced with i3T and i5T.  But the M2R Pro is very much pride of place and the one I definitely want with me.  I especially like the defensive capability that comes from the strength of the torch and the crenulated bezel.  Whichever way I think about it, I can walk much more confidently on my own at night, in the dark (not so much on the turbo setting!)  I have some woods nearby too so I'll get a test run in there in coming days.  I worked in a coastguard search and rescue team some years ago.  I wish we had the kind of ocapability and oversatility that this torch offers. 

I'm delighted with the torch, a stunningly good piece of kit. I'm very glad to have bought direct from #OlightUK , their customer service is about as good as I've ever had.

24 Sep, 2021


The O-fan Day for 2021 is around the corner. We'd like to invite you to participate in our online O-Fan Day celebration from 17/09 at 2 pm to 30/09. 

For our O-fans who would like to update their outdoor gear or further complete their Olight collection, we are incredibly excited to announce that from 26/09 at 8 pm to 30/09, a 4-day long flash sale will be launched for you to score as many discounts as possible! During the O-fan Day, you can get a free i1R 2 as a login gift. New products, including the latest torch, intended for outdoor application and improved significantly in performance, such as Seeker 3 pro with higher lumens, Obulb MC with multi-colour lights are sure to exceed expectations! Be there or be square, Olight O-fan Day!


Max output of 4,200 lumens.
Press or rotate the highly integrated rotary knob switch to quickly access different output levels.
Stylish dermatoglyphic silicone wrap with finger grooves makes it soft and nonslip to grip.
●3 colours available.


8 modes to play with. White, red, green, blue, color fantasy, and more to explore……

Copper & Titanium Collection


● The fuselage adopts the colour of copper, Elegant and noble, light luxury retro.

● Rechargeable battery with USB-C Port

Open pro Titanium

Simple low-key colour, high-grade elegant texture pure titanium body, with the resistance of wear, corrosion, high-temperature, and other advantages, is a very ideal gift.


Array 2S

It delivers max 1,000 lumens with a runtime up to 30 hours.
To operate it, use the side switch or simply wave your hand in front of the head.

Perun mini kit

Olight’s first product in golden yellow, which is also the colour of sunshine. With a headband and Duty Patch, the Perun Mini Golden Yellow will shine for your work and adventures.


Baton 3 Premium

Classy sharp silver colour with the O-Fan Day logo in a brilliant blue. Modern, elegant, and exclusive for you .

FREE i1R 2

All-in-one rechargeable keychain light with the O-Fan Day logo.

18 Sep, 2021
What does the colour white mean to you?

What does the colour white mean to you?

What does the colour white mean to you? To Olight, white means brightness and courage. It is a beam of light in the darkness. It is the courage to start adventures. Here we are excited to announce Olight white series is coming soon! The most creative EDC - Baton 3 Premium, new arrival - Omino and best-selling EDC - S2R II, all in white colour!

Baton 3 Premium

Ultimate Convenience

1,200 lumens | 166 meters 

"I came in at the baton three, not owning the previous iterations. This is the ideal sleeper torch. You leave it in your pack and when you need it at a moments notice you remember you have it. Not just considering the tiny size but in comparison to most other torches. A very floody beam and the premium edition offers even greater convenience with wireless charging to ensure you are always fully charged."  -J****


Minimalistic and solid

The Omino is a Charging station with four magnetic points to charge up to Four compatible Olight torches at the same time. The silicone base mat offers extra protection from shocks and drops.

The Omino will always get your Olight devices ready for the next task. 

S2R Baton II

Enhanced everyday carry

1150 lumens | 135 meters

"My first light from Olight and I’m already blown away by it, It’s really well built, I love the way it charges, means it’s always ready for when I need it, Perfect size to fit in a pocket, I like how it comes with two clips so you can switch it to your preference, Just amazed by how bright it is." -M****

12 Sep, 2021
Blog Writer 2.0 | Shared your story in 2021

Blog Writer 2.0 | Shared your story in 2021

Share your story and get a chance to win a whole set of Obulb MC!


2021 is a touch year. We are suffering from the quick spread of covid-2019 and its usurped - delta variant, which was more infectious than the original strain of Covid-2019. To lower the impact, we have to reduce the time that we spend outdoors and wearing masks to keep ourselves safe. Maybe the covid-2019 is limited for us to enjoy the fun from outdoors as usual, but there must be some moment left you a deep impression.


So, what about sharing your happy, impressive, or unforgettable stories in 2021 with us and getting the chance to win Obulb MC?


It will be the second time we listen to  O-Fans stories. Last month, we looked for Blog Writers with a mindset of trying. Surprisingly, we got a great response and received so many warm stories between Olight and O-Fans. And the support and trust you shared by the articles strengthen our resolve to keep on improving. As we mentioned in the Olight UK introduction, we believe no one should be left in the dark. We believe in providing quality illumination products to everyone.


Now we are still looking forward to hearing about the story from you. So, how about your first half of 2021? What would you like to share with thousands of O-Fans? As long as you want to say, we all can be good listeners.


Here are four rules you should pay attention to before the writing begins:

1. The subject of this article is a story in 2021.

2. This article must have more than 500 words.

3. The article sent to us can't be used on other third-party platforms.

4. All articles entered for the competition must be the entrant's own work. Plagiarism is not allowed.


Never hesitate to share your story with us! Several articles will be selected and posted on the blog. Read them and vote for your favorite article in our FB Group. The top 3 who get the most likes are able to win a set of new arrivals - Obulb MCs


You must be very curious about the difference between Obulb and Obulb MC. Compared with Obulb which has warm light and red light, Obulb MC has 7 colours condensed into 8 modes to play with. With the tough casing, high level of waterproofing, and convenient charging way, we believe Obulb MC will be your ideal life partner. Never miss the precious chance to get a set of Obulb MC!


Are you ready? Please send the article to contact@olightstore.uk before 23:59 25/09 and who knows your blog may release on our website? 

11 Sep, 2021
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