This Bead is a rope pendant made of high-end Titanium Damascus material. Using a heat coloring craft on the surface, covering it with blue and purple(partial yellow or gold) texture, making the Bead look exquisite. With the included paracord, you can DIY it into your favorite hand strap and match it with flashlights, knives, and other EDC products.

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Favorable Reviews


06 Aug, 2023

Doesn't come tied. Bead is beautiful


18 Jul, 2023

Favorable Reviews


18 Jul, 2023

The bead is pretty cool but cord is not the best quality. Little expensive for what it is but overall decent product


16 Jul, 2023

Favorable comment


02 May, 2023

Beautiful bead


18 Apr, 2023

nice bit of decoration for anything you want to put a lanyard one


26 Mar, 2023

The bead is beautiful, each one is unique.The cord needs knotting but really there's not enough cord to make a decent length, given the price of cord I would suggest 2 cords of different colours,C pic


22 Mar, 2023

Lovely little bead.


21 Mar, 2023

Love it!


17 Mar, 2023

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