Here is a big stage for you to share your mind and help those need the real direction.

We know that the led torch uses vary dramatically, for example, Mechanics and home inspectors, may require the use of a torch daily, but that tool only requires a moderate lumen output and run time. Avid hikers and trekkers, on the other hand, need a hands-free option with long run times and variable outputs.

So this time, we invite all Olight Fans to share your usage scenarios or user experience of your Olight torch.

The purpose of this sharing activity is to help new customers clear up their shopping doubts and choose the right torchlight to meet their different activities and needs by watching the use experience shared by Olight fans


If you have used or are using Olight recently, please do not hesitate to share your review, you will have a chance to get awards during this activity!


Activity theme: Olight UK official website's 5th anniversary Comment & sharing to Win Prize

Activity time: 5 days in total

Launch time: 10:00 15/05/2023

End time: 10:00 20/05/2023


How to participate in our activity:

1. Our goal -- Share your Activity and compete with friends with your Olight Product

You can share your Activity lights with friends and family for motivation. Encourage each other to join your daily fun.

2. Shared Content & Length Requirements

The shared content needs to reflect the application and use experience of Olight products in your life, and the number of words should not be less than 100 words.

3. Collecting Pictures

To take some photos(3-5 pcs)from your daily work or normal life, especially the moment that you find our lights are really helpful for your life. In addition, the photos with your collection of the perfect premium edition are also a good point for a post.

4. Start sharing

To share an activity, you and your friends both may need a light. When you share them, some of them may also get passion to join us and get a gift.


Rewards for comments

1. We will give away an Open Pro Zirconium Damascus Silver Bar (Worth: £299.95) to 1 randomly selected user who shares a product story in the comments section.

Rules: Share one product story per review.

2. Users who participate in the comments and sharing below can get 100 O coins.



If you find that your comment does not appear in the comment area, we will review your comment within one working day, please do not submit comments repeatedly.

This campaign asks for objective reviews, and real feedback on the product. When the event is over, your comment will appear in the review area relative to the product.

If you have any confusion of the activity, please just contact us via the following e-mail:

The sharing reward activity has ended!

Thanks for everyone's participation, all users who participate in sharing will receive 100 O Coins.

Also, congratulations to Steven Heyes (stev******** who will win a free O'Pen Pro Penlight Zirconium Damascus Dark Space Silver (Worth: £299.95)

We will complete the distribution of prizes within one week from the day when the lucky draw results are announced (May 22).

Thanks again for your participation!

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My Obulbs are used regularly as a bath companions but recently they got a new application as a crystal ball for my little Witch <3


20 May, 2023

I have used my OPen mini to sign the purchase documents for my dream house in Spain :) The pen is always in my wallet, fits the 3-fold perfectly. It always put a smile on everyone who uses it because of pleasant ergonomics and beautiful colours (I have 5 so far)


20 May, 2023

Ive just placed a new order as my original Olight that i had got smashed about 8 months ago. I work security and was clearing a site with a load of rough sleepers on it. I found 1 and when i woke him by putting it on strobe to get him off he then kept trying to grab my torch and after a bit of back and forth he finally did. Once he had it he smashed it on the ground, safe to say he went straight on his ass 😂. So ive had to wait to get another as i havent had any spare cash since then. But happy now i can replace it.


20 May, 2023

Great for camping, sturdy and reliable.


20 May, 2023

I would give Obulbs a clear 5 out of 5 score. They have become essential kit in our household, ever since I first bought 2 original obulbs for my children one xmas. Since then, our Obulb collection has grown to include most of the different types and they have now become the go-to light at home,. They are used every night as children’s nightlights, where, on the lowest setting, the light level is low enough not to keep them awake, but also bright enough that if they do wake in the middle of the night, they can do so without getting scared by the dark. As for battery life, on the low setting we use them at, it can only be described as epic. They are so good in fact, I have convinced a number of my friends to buy Obulbs and they all seem to love them too.


19 May, 2023

M2R Warrior: I was looking for a quality EDC torch for my daily needs but also for my leisure time ( dog walking, hiking, trekking and camping ), I did quite a lot of research and I ended up looking for this model at this website, got a good deal and I ordered it. You can feel the quality with the torch in your hands, really nice power and running tomes for my needs, after this torch many more have come and they are all excellent, really happy with customer service too


19 May, 2023

I use my Marauder Mini as a must have tool while working on the Railway. It has many functions which I'd use throughout my work: Spot light - look at parts from a distance and pointer Floodlight - close Inspection of rolling stock which gives great viability Red light - In emergencies to stop the train Green light - For movements of the loco The Marauder Mini also has a blue light function which is not used. The brightness in the pictures shown are level 5 and it can go up to level 7 at 7000lm. The battery life is also big pro for this torch as I have rarely charge it and when I do it has a handy magnetic cable which attaches easily. One con I've found is the LED indicator isn't very bright so it's hard to see how much battery life I have left. I went for the Orange option as it fits in well with the uniform and is easily spotted if dropped...which if it durable enough to take a knocking.


19 May, 2023

My S1 Baton was my go to torch ever since I bought it. I had other torches from various brands but they all ended up in a drawer once my Baton arrived. It feels so good in the hand ,small but solid. The output is more than enough for my needs. I originally bought it as a general purpose torch but it quickly became apparent that it was ideal for walking the dog at night so much so it became permanently attached to the dogs lead. Sadly the dog passed away and the Baton has reverted to its original purpose. The magnetic end cap is really useful when doing jobs around the house. A great little torch that I’m pleased to own.


19 May, 2023

I use my Open every day for work, its super compact and fantastic quality for the size. My Baton 3 is in my EDC and taken with me every time i'm out. It's a perfect size for your pocket, the clip is fantastic being double sided and the ilumination it gives out is incredible.


19 May, 2023

I use my Olanterns to shine a light on my friends and family whilst enjoying a liquid libation under our garden gazebo.


19 May, 2023

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