Night (Life) with Obulb MCs: Connected with the MCA charger and put nearby the door, when you open the door, your room will turn into bright when you walk into the house. When you walk away the Obulb MCs, it will automatically turn off. If you want to take a good rest after work, having 8 colours to play with, it is a good trick (treat) to leave your kids with Obulb MCs. It's easy to stub your toe on the bottom of light during the night. If your kids are afraid of darkness or you want to read a night story, you can let Obulb MCs to be his/her companion at night.

Like its predecessor the Obulb, this light orb only has a body diameter of 2.13 inches and weighs merely 2.12oz/60g. The magnetic bottom and adhesive metal badge allow you to attach it freely around your house. The built-in 630mAh rechargeable battery delivers up to 40 hours of runtime. It also features magnetic charging, 1.5m impact resistance and IPX7 waterproof rating. The Obulb MCs will always provide light by your side, lighten up your family time, and be your reliable companion while exploring.


>>> Obulb Family Upgraded

>> Obulb MCs is our new member of Olight popular Obulb family, comes with new function and new colour.

Obulb MCS Motion Sensor Night Light

>>> 8 light mode&7 Colours

>> 8 modes, including warm white light (3.5/ 75 lumens), R/G/B lights, flashing red light, 256-colour gradient change, and 7-colour cycling.

Olight Obulb MCS Colourful Lights Orb

>>> Auto ON/OFF

>> When put in a dark place while charging, it will turn itself on when sensing the presence of a person and will turn off when the person leaves.

Motion Sensor Control Night Light

>>> Simple Magnetic Charging

>> Charge with included MCA adapter or MCA cable in 1.5 hours.

Olight MCA Magnetic Charging

>>> Magnetic to Attach Around

>> With the included adhesive metal badge, just attach the Obulb MC anywhere you need light.


>>> Floating Light

>> IPX7 waterproof and 1.5-meter impact-resistant, the Obulb MCs is ready for any environment and adventure.

IPX7 waterproof

>>> Tougher Than Its Look

>> Spherical structure made with durable materials, the Obulb MCs can easily withstand hard drops.

obulb mcs tough test

>>> Your Outdoor Companion

>> Compact to carry and perfect to put anywhere around your campsite, take an Obuddy, Olink, Osling will add more fun with you.

obulb mcs accessories

>>> Use as Kid Night Light

>> Soft warm and eye-caring light, the Obulb MCS is bright enough to let kids feel safe at night.

night light for babies

>>> Signaling Tool

>> Flashing red light mode for breakdowns or as a beacon, the Obulb MCS could attach to your car as an emergency light.

>>> Feel Lucky to Find More

>> A special spin color will appear randomly while clicking constantly for over 20 times. The duration can be prolonged by solving interesting challenges.

best red night light for babies



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