Omino, Compatible With Most Olight Rechargeable Torches

The Omino is an extension socket with four magnetic charging ports for your Olight collection. It can connect to any USB power source with any widely available USB type-C cable and charge up to four compatible Olight devices at the same time. Its robust aluminium bottom board and durable PC plus ABS body hold up well against corrosion and high temperatures during daily use. The silicone base mat offers extra protection from shocks and drops. Minimalistic and solid, the Omino will always get your Olight devices ready for the next task.

Non-Compatible Olight Products: Olantern Series, PL-Mini 2, Baldr Mini, Baldr RL Mini, Valkyrie IR, Baldr S, Javelot Pro, and other Olight products not using the magnetic charging system.





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It looks so good that I have also purchased 5 Obulbs which I will review later


27 Nov, 2022

Ingenious product that is perfect for any collection. I have two of them now 👍🏼


26 Nov, 2022

Great quality charder that charges all of my torches in one handy place so i know where they are.


25 Nov, 2022

Got this for free as a tier gift. I'm extremely impressed with the quality and it's very handy to be able to charge multiple lights at once


25 Nov, 2022



24 Nov, 2022

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