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The RN 100 TL is movement-sensitive light with a built-in accelerometer that goes into an attention-grabbing burst mode when you brake or slow down. Whether you're riding in broad daylight or complete darkness, the RN 100 TL offers constant, flashing, and smart light modes to keep you safe and visible. A single press of the button selects the brightness level and the flashing modes, double press cycles through the pattern options and a long press turns the light on or off. The light remembers the last mode used.

The status LED on the light turns red when the battery gets low, and when about 20 minutes are remaining it will automatically switch to a low-powered flashing mode to help ensure you have light until you get home.

Olight Certification

Lens / Reflector Type
Transparent Optical Fiber
Mode Operation
Single Button
Charging Type
Micro USB Charging Cable
Compatible Batteries
3.7V 800mAh Battery (Built-in)
Light Source
Form/Size Factor
Small Size
RN Series
Max Performance
100 lumens
Smart Mode (Day)
5-70 lumens
Run time Smart Mode (Day)
12 hours
Smart Mode (Night)
3-70 lumens
Run time Smart Mode (Night)
3 hours
Constant Mode (High)
72 lumens
Run time Constant Mode (High)
90 minutes
Constant Mode (Med)
36 lumens
Run time Constant Mode (Med)
2 hours
Constant Mode (Low)
18 lumens
Run time Constant Mode (Low)
360 minutes
Flash Mode (Interactive)
72-0 lumens
Run time Flash Mode (Interactive)
6 hours
Flash Mode (Flash)
0-72 lumens
Run time Flash Mode (Flash)
10 hours
Flash Mode (Comet)
72-0 lumens
Run time Flash Mode (Comet)
210 minutes
Flash Mode (Breathe)
0-72-0 lumens
Run time Flash Mode (Breathe)
150 minutes
All Mode (Auto Break)
100 lumens
Weight (g / oz)
1.3 oz/ 37g
Length (mm / in)
2.76 in/ 70 mm
Width (mm / in)
0.98 in / 25mm
Height (mm / in)
0.75 in / 19mm
RN 100 TL* 1
Saddle Mount * 1
Seat Post Mount* 1
Tie Band * 2
Micro USB Cable * 1
User Manual * 1
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08 May, 2023

Awesome bike light


17 Mar, 2023

Small compact and very bright rear light, with so many different light levels to fit any bike ride, day to night time.. flashing to let other see you.. fitting is secure and well disgned.


14 Feb, 2023

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