The Owhistle is a titanium whistle for outdoor and emergency uses available in 3 colors: blue, purple, and grey. Made of titanium material, it is corrosion-resistant and durable. Its whole body is CNC integrally processed and formed and refers to the Olight flashlight texture design. This makes both products suitable for use with each other.

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Perfect addition to my Ti EDC

Colour: Grey


22 Nov, 2022

You know, I normal buy a torch, but I couldn't resit this cute little titanium whistle. Funny enough I think it does sound like a football whistle, though I'm not allowed to use it around the house as it might upset the dog. its loud light and durable, comes with a chain. I like it.


06 Nov, 2022

Smaller than expected, but thats not a bad thing. Great little whistle

Colour: Grey


01 Nov, 2022

Lovely little whistle, going straight into use on the hiking pack

Colour: Grey


28 Oct, 2022

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