Olight X7 Marauder

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X7 Marauder (X7) is a portable LED flashlight with a side-switch, delivering a maximum output up to 9,000 lumens. It is powered by four 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries of high discharging rate, with an output range from 3 to 9,000 lumens.

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Featuring 9000 lumens in a “soda can” sized light to provide the power of the sun in the palm of your hand. Powered by four Olight 8 Amp 18650 batteries, the light will reach the peak 9000-lumen setting. The X7 Marauder carries three four core light-emitting XHP70 LED’s which are currently one of the highest performing light sources on the planet. 9000 lumens! 




 Uses three top-class cool white CREE XHP 70 LED with a total of 12 light-emitting cores.

 A maximum output of 9000 lumens which is great for strong illumination and minimum output of 3 lumens, which is suitable for long periods of using at night.

 Powered by four 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries of high discharging rate, providing up to 3,000 lumens of output with three hours of run-time.

 Comfortable hand gripping experience given by large square textures on the flashlight body.

 Low-voltage indicator monitors the battery power level while the light is on, which will glow red when the battery power is running low.

 Active Thermal Management: MCU detects the flashlight temperature through the internal thermal sensor in real time, and prevents overheating by reducing the output.




User Manual

Car Sticker x 1

CR123A or RCR123A batteries will damage the X7 Marauder flashlight. Only use the 18650 battery type in the X7 Marauder. The maximum performance can be reached using only High Discharging Current 18650 rechargeable batteries. Performance and autonomy tests were performed using in accordance with the ANSI NEMA FL 1-2009 standard.


Beam Distance (ft) 1026
Beam Distance (m) 313
Max. Performance (lumens) 9000
Charge type Optional charger
Compatible Batteries 4 x 18650
Light Intensity (candela) 24500
Light Form Standard hotspot diameter with impressive distance. The perfect all-around beam profile.
Lens / Reflector Type Smooth reflector (central area and flood area)
Mode Operation Side Switch
Form/Size Factor Large size (Deodorant Spray / Coke Can)
Series Series X (eXtreme performance)
Unique Characteristics
  • Large heavy duty industrial silicone switch with Olight insignia.
  • short soda can design ideal for storing in a pack. Holster included for heavy belt carry.
  • Machined squares handle for optimal grip.
  • Custom reflector design for groundbreaking performance
LEVEL 1 (lumens) 9000
Run-time LEVEL 1

9000 lumens (~1800lm);

3h20m (2.5m) - Olight 18650 3500mAh HDC.

LEVEL 2 (lumens) 5500
Run-time LEVEL 2

5500 lumens (~1800lm);

3h35m (8m) - Olight 18650 3500mAh HDC.

LEVEL 3 (lumens) 3000
Run-time LEVEL 3

3000 lumens (~1800lm).

3h20m (32m) - Olight 18650 3500mAh HDC.

LEVEL 4 (lumens) 1000
Run-time LEVEL 4 6h30m - Olight 18650 3500mAh HDC.
LEVEL 5 (lumens) 300
Run-time LEVEL 5 18h - Olight 18650 3500mAh HDC.
LEVEL 6 (lumens) 3
Run-time LEVEL 6 30 days - Olight 18650 3500mAh HDC.
Strobe Yes
Waterproof IPX8
Weight (g / oz) 472 / 16.64
Length (mm / in) 127 / 5
Head Diameter (mm / in) 68 / 2.67
Body Diameter (mm / in) 52 / 2.04
Led 3 x Cree XHP70 CW
Packaging Carton gift box
Use search and rescue, hunting, military, special operations, marine, camping
Package Contents
  • Flashlight Olight X7 x 1
  • Holster x 1
  • Car Sticker x 1
  • Instruction manual x 1
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