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♦ RN 3500

✔ As a small but sturdy bike torch, RN 3500 has a maximum of 3500 lumens.

✔ With a 5200mAh battery pack, RN 3500 allows you to enjoy the night riding.

✔ RN 3500 satisfies versatile illumination demands according to the environment.

✔ With the lightweight design, riders can hardly feel any weight on the bike or helmet.

♦ RN 120

RN 120 is an amazing bike rear light that can protect you so well on road riding. It combines both red light and reflector in one body (you get two kinds at one purchase), and it is easy to be mounted and operated among contant, flash and smart modes. Its max output is 120 lumens and it can be visibly seen from 1,500 meters. Imagine you are riding on the road with RN 120, it will automatically flash for 3 seconds at 120 lumens when braking, informing drivers from up to 1500 meters behind. If you are looking for a bike rear light, why not?

RN3500--Powerful, Versatile, Reliable

⋙⋙ Powerful Output

⋙ As one of the RN family, RN 3500 fulfills rugged illumination performance.

⋙⋙ Adaptable Mode Settings

⋙ Thanks to various mode settings, RN 3500 is your good assistant.

⋙⋙ Garmin Type Mount

⋙ Compatible with handlebar and helmet attachments, RN 3500 satisfies versatile illumination demands.


● Maximum 30 lumens, 230° of light, and visible from 800 meters

● Perfect for daily commuting and urban riding

● High transparency lens and lighting strap provide more uniform light

● Ambient light sensor for automatic mode adjustment and better warning effect

● USB rechargeable and IPX6 waterproof rate