RM2T Remote Pressure Switch

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Remote Controller for M2T Warrior torches

The RM2T is the brand new pressure switch built for the M2T (also compatible for M2R) Warrior featuring a noiseless and a sensitive pad for perfect switch manipulation. The switch pad includes a long, wide and tightly wrapped elastic strip allowing the whole surface to be activated easily.The tail adapter is securely connected to the flashlight body with threaded screws. The coiled cable extends the reach of the switch to around 0.5 meters. The RM2T is the perfect weapon attachment accessory for your M2T/M2R Warrior.


Natural length of the coiled cable is 0.25m, and reaches 0.5m when fully stretched.
Silent switch to conceal the users position.
Convenient switch pad. It includes a long and elastic contact strip allowing the user to press anywhere on the pad to activate the switch.
Independent function. The flashlight still works with full function through the side switch operation even when the switch pad or the cable is broken.
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