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Olight Bike Front Light BFL 1800 lumen

bike handlebars


The BFL 1800 is an incredibly bright front bike light featuring a long-distance beam. It projects a focused, even beam with up to 1,800 lumens of output and a 210-meter max beam distance. The light window on each side of the light body enhances peripheral visibility to always stay safe. The built-in 5000mAh rechargeable battery achieves up to 8.5 hours of runtime. The light has 3 output settings that can be accessed with the side switch, and the setting used previously will be memorized. Integrated with the side switch is a convenient battery indicator so you always know when to charge. This 102mm (4.02in) long bike light is also equipped with a bike mount and 4 straps that will fit most handlebars when using the correct length strap. The push-lock mechanism allows you to mount the light or detach it easily. Powerful and reliable,   the BFL 1800 is perfect for daily commuting, urban riding, road cycling, and mountain biking.


LEVEL 1 (Lumens)
1,800 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 1
1.5 hours
LEVEL 2 (Lumens)
1,000 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 2
3.5 hours
LEVEL 3 (Lumens)
500 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 3
8.5 hours
Weight (g / oz)
5.71oz/162g (Including Battery)
Length (mm / in)
Daily Commuting,Urban Riding,Road Cycling,Bike TouringMountain Biking
User Manual x 1
MCC1AL USB Magnetic Charging Cable x 1
BFL 1800 (Battery Built-in) x 1
Handlebar Mount x 1
Allen Wrench x 1
Handlebar Strap x 4
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09 Dec, 2022



15 Nov, 2022

Very promising light, the usual Olight quality feel out of the box and the excellent Olight magnetic charging finally appears on a bike light! The output is a decent beam and brightness however it's a real shame that the lowest setting only gives 8.5hours runtime - a light of this size (larger and heavier than 18650 single-cell bike lights) while great for kicking out the extra lumens is also expected to be able to use that extra battery capacity for longer runtime, if needed. For commuting (which I primarily bought it for) it would be great to be able to drop the power level down to give more like 10-12 hours runtime. This would have been easy to do in the firmware it's just a shame Olight didn't do it. Strangely, the smaller 900 lumen version (which uses a smaller single 18650 cell) is actually advertised as having a longer maximum runtime than this model - talk about stupid marketing! Would have been far better to add a low power mode to this one. Also, can't get a spare mount for


06 Sep, 2022

Very bright!! Worth every penny!!


21 Jul, 2022

CS reply:

Thank you for your positive comment and feedback. Your encouragement will keep us moving forward and constantly improving our service.

22 Jul, 2022

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