i5R Rechargeable Battery

Battery capacity: 1420mAh

Voltage: 2.4V

Model: ORBC-145C14

Compatible model: i5R EOS

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as I have 2 i5R i wanted to make sure i had a decent battery available as a spre - as well as having standard AA batteries too - great price for peace of mind


11 Jul, 2023

it’s good that back up batteries are available.the reason for the lower score is that it does not come with a plastic case to keep it safe & clean unlike other batteries that Olight sell.


30 Jun, 2023

A decent battery just be careful what you put it in as its stronger then a double aa and it blew my remote


25 Nov, 2022

A good quality spare battery. a must-have for those prolonged excursions.


17 May, 2022

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