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The i5R EOS is the rechargeable version of i5T EOS.

1. Tail Switch Operation    

It is one of our most popular tail-switch rechargeable torches. The high-performance led torch, paired with a PMMA lens, produces a soft and balanced beam up to 350 lumens. A soft press it will enter the low mode 15 lumens, while a strong press it will reaches the high mode 350 lumens, bright enough to complete with daily needs.

2. i5R Battery    

Simply screw out the tail cap and you can connect the battery with the charging cable outside the torch body, then the battery is undercharging and will be fully charged in 3.5 hours (the light on the battery will turn red into green when the battery is fully charged).

3. Dual Pocket Clip    

It features a two-way pocket clip. You can clip it on your backpack or pocket, so you can carry it to anywhere you go. With 60g weight, you can seldom feel its accompany, but when you need it, it will be your good daily helper. With 95.4mm length, it takes up little space and doesn’t add bulk to your pocket or backpack.

4. Small Torch

The i5R is the perfect upgrade with higher performance and a rechargeable design. 


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