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Obulb MC is second generation of Obulb series, featuring warm white, RGB and colour-changing lights for multi-application and offering you a multi-colour life. It is a magnetically rechargeable indoor and outdoor light with no extra design, and you can take it outside in your backpack or set it aside your bed with an adhesive metal badge.

1. Handheld Orb Light

The Obulb is named after its hemispherical shape, and it is Olight first ever handheld orb light. With 58g weight, you can hardly notice when it is with you. No only you but also your family would love this small-size light. Kid can hold it with one hand and enjoy having fun with the colour-changing mode from warm white to red/green/blue and flashing-red in the bathtub or swimming pool.

2. Runtime

Runtime is always an importand element when you are looking for a light, and Obulb MC defnitely won’t disappoint you this way and it can run up to 40 hours at 3.5 lumens as a regular night bed light.

Low white Light: 3.5 lumens for 40 hours

High white Light: 75 lumens for 3 hours

Coloured Lights: 3-7 lumens for at least 7 hours

* All data above are test results according to ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 standards. 

* The output and runtime of colored lights may vary in different color modes.

3. Safe and Fast Magnetic Charging

The built-in 630mAh battery is rechargeable via an MCC magnetic charging cable, delivering up to 40 hours of runtime. You can connect the USB magnetic charging cable easily with bottom of the light when using the light or when the light itself is low in power, and it will be fully charged in roughly 2 hours. The light on the charging cable will go red to show charging is processing and turn green once charging is complete. Simple like this way, and you have no worry about if there is any small part your kid would take off as there is no need a charging port cover.

4. Application

4.1 Night Reading - A Soft Night Light

You just can not get enough Obulb once you have one and you notice there is a lot of use of the light, especially when your kid took it away from you. In low white light mode, you can share a good night time with your kids by reading them a bed story. Or they would feel so warm having the light accompanying aside the bed while sleeping at night. How to set the light aside the bed? Simply attach the included 3M adhesive badge to the wall or headboard, and put the bottom of the light on it, and it will match magnetically. You can push the bottom button to operate the light with one hand or press the top when it is attach to the badge to turn on/off the light and change the mode.

4.2. Camping Light or Signal Light Outdoor

It has 8 modes, low white warm light, high white light, red, green, blue, red flashing light. When it comes to be a camping light, most-use modes are low/high white warm light and the red constant/flashing light, which is easily to attract the attention as a signal light.

To prevent accidental activation, the Obulb has a lock out mode. Hold the button for 2 seconds while the light is off. The light will flash before entering the lockout, then the light stops working. Press still for 2 seconds again when the light is in lock out mode, the low white light will turn on in a flash and then you need to move your thumb once the light enters the low white light, which means it exits the lock out mode.

It also features 1.5m impact resistance and IPX7 waterproof rating. The Obulb MC will always be bottom side down to the ground when it falls down due to the “roly-poly principle”design. The light provide light by your side, lighten up your family time, and be your reliable companion also a reliable play partner for your kids.


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