Olight Nightour

Nightour is Olight’s first foray into the home lighting market. It is neither a handheld torch nor a head torch. It is an unique desk lamp with a removable lamp head and a coloured lamp stem, in one word, it is a good helper in your house to lighten up your family time. The desk lamp Nightour is 15.61in/396.4mm tall and is constructed of aluminum alloy. It has two part and two switch, one is the lamp head operated by the top button and the other is the lamp stem controlled by the toggle switch.

Detachable Desk Light

The lamp head can illuminate 90 lumens at the maximum and 1 lumen at the minimum, one click the light is on, and hold the top button on the lamp head the light will dim stepless from 1 lumen to 90 lumens (The top button only works while the Nightour is charging). What’s more, the light can be removable, and you can drop it off temporarily if you are looking for something in your room. Double shake you can turn on/off the so-called handheld light when the built-in battery is in power.

With the light attached to the lamp head, it can be 90° adjustable to focus the light to the right position you want. Including the lamp head light, you can also attach a Olight Obulb or Baton Series light to the lamp head and operated the light using the top button, for example, Obulb, Baton 3 etc. Same as usual Olight lock out operation, long press the top button when the light is off for 2 second, the light will dim and off then the lock out mode is on. If you want to exit the lock out mode, you can hold the button for 2 second or remove the light and put it back again to the magnetic base or plug in the Type-C charging cable, then the light will be in a low white light and enter working condition.

The light stem is the main part of the desk lamp and the toggle switch controls the main and RGB light. The perforated stem houses a set of warm white LEDs that range from 8 to 60 lumens and a set of RGB LEDs that create colorful ambient lighting. Moreover, the RGB LEDs support 256-color gradient rotation that is just gorgeous. Both the warm white light and RGB light can be customized and stepless-adjusted by flipping the metal two-way toggle switch at the bottom.

LED Reading Lamp

When you need a house light, why not take Nightour into consideration? It can be put in a living room to create an ambient atmosphere using the warm white mode or RGB light. Or you can put it in your bedroom as a bed light for night reading. You won’t disturb your family waking up at midnight with the low warm white light.

Rechargeable Table Lamp    

Both the light stem and lamphead have built-in batteries. The light stem includes a 4000mAh battery for cordless illumination throughout the night, while the lamphead has a 100mAh battery, convenient for handheld use. Both of the batteries will be recharged when the lamp is connected to a USB power source by a USB-C cable.

Small Lamp Table    

The lightweight aluminum body and space-saving suction pad base make this mobile and flexible lamp a natural fit in any table or any flat surface securely of your home. Useful, modern, and creative, the Nightour will transform your home the moment it’s turned on.


nightour table lamp

small lamp table

led reading lamp

rechargeable desk light


Max. Performance (Lumens)
60 (light stem); 90 (lamphead)
Max. Runtime (Hours)
31H(light stem); 10.5H(lamphead)
Compatible Batteries
Light stem: Built-in 3.7V 4000mAh Lithium-ion Battery; Lamp Head: Built-in 3.7V 100mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
Charge Type
USB-C Charging
Light Source
Light stem: 12 x Warm White LEDs (2700K) 12 x RGB LEDs; Lamp Head: High Performance LED
LEVEL 1 (Lumens)
RGB COLOR MODE 1: 2~10 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 1
LEVEL 2 (Lumens)
RGB COLOR MODE 2: 2~10 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 2
LEVEL 3 (Lumens)
Run-time LEVEL 3
LEVEL 4 (Lumens)
Run-time LEVEL 4
LEVEL 5 (Lumens)
WHITE LIGHT (Lamphead): 90 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 5
LEVEL 6 (Lumens)
WHITE LIGHT (Lamphead): 1 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 6
Weight (g / oz)
14.82oz/420g (Excluding Lamphead); Lamphead: 1.59oz/45g (Including Battery)
Height (mm / in)
Light Stem: 15.61in/396.4mm; Lamphead: 1.47in/37.4mm
Body Diameter (mm / in)
Light Stem: 3.35in/85mm: Lamphead: 1.3in/33.2mm
Indoor; Reading
User Manual x 1
Lamphead (Battery Built-in) x 1
USB A-C Charging Cable x 1
Nightour (Battery Built-in) x 1
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Love this lamp!


16 Mar, 2023

Brilliant little lamp, great for when there is power cuts. Only downside is the top button wont work if you unplug it, meaning you have to shake the top lamp for it to work.


06 Mar, 2023

Favorable Reviews


23 Feb, 2023

Like the nightour but it doesn’t work with obulb pros, if you attach it to the top tapping the button does nothing and pressing and holding it does strobe but only while it’s pressed. Disappointing!


17 Feb, 2023

Not what I expect but it's nice. Love that is can changes colours settings


05 Dec, 2022

I use the nichtour as my bedside lamp if the wife goes to the toilet in the night she uses the detachable torch it's also dimmable. Perfect bit of kit


28 Nov, 2022

Superb if a little gimmicky, need obulb now 😂


11 Nov, 2022

Favorable Reviews


08 Nov, 2022

Overall I love it, my only complaints are very small. I wish I could make its lowest setting even lower as a potential night light, or that the colour saving mode was slightly more responsive.


02 Nov, 2022

Use this lamp for work everyday! Absolutely perfect on my desk.


30 Sep, 2022

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