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Marauder Mini

The Marauder mini is a miniature version of Olight's Marauder series of flashlights. It's a powerful rechargeable dual beam LED flashlight with both flood and throw. Following the Marauder 2's lens design and composed of 9 LEDs surrounding the center, it enables seven brightness levels that provide 200-7000 lumens. A large round LED has been added to the center, offering a 600-meter spotlight beam.  Three RGB color LEDs are uniformly distributed around the converging lens, making it suitable for use during any occasion. 

Marauder Mini FAQ

Q1: Will Olightstore sell the battery for the Marauder mini?

A1: Of course! The Customized 6500mAh 3.7V 24Wh 32650 Rechargeable Lithium Battery is expected to be on sale in the on January 2023.

Q2: Marauder Mini compared to Marauder 2—mini in what way?

A2:The head diameter is reduced by 16%, and the diameter of the barrel is reduced by 20%. The reduction in barrel size gives it a more comfortable and secure grip.

Q3: What are the upgrades compared to Marauder 2?

A3: a. RGB light and a light color indicator

b. Vibrating charge indication

c. Bottom magnetic charging

d. Spot beam shape changed from square to circular


Marauder Series
Light Source
High Performance Cool White LED
Compatible Batteries
Customized 6500mAh 3.7V 24Wh 32650 Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Charging Type
MCC3 magnetic charging cable
Beam Distance (m)
Max. Performance (Lumens)
LEVEL 1 (Lumens)
100 lumens (Floodlight) 50 lumens (Spotlight) 50 lumens (Redlight)100 lumens (Greenlight) 55 lumens (Bluelight)
Run-time LEVEL 1
35.5 Hours (Floodlight) 43.5 Hours (Spotlight) 30h (Redlight)22.5h (Greenlight) 17h (Bluelight)
LEVEL 2 (Lumens)
200 lumens (Floodlight) 100 lumens (Spotlight) 100 lumens (Redlight)140 lumens (Greenlight) 80 lumens (Bluelight)
Run-time LEVEL 2
21 Hours (Floodlight) 21.5 Hours (Spotlight)16.5h (Redlight)14h (Greenlight) 10.5h (Bluelight)
LEVEL 3 (Lumens)
400~180~90 lumens (Floodlight) 200 lumens (Spotlight)150~135~90~45lumens (Redlight)180~170~90 lumens (Greenlight) 100~40 lumens (Bluelight)
Run-time LEVEL 3
10h30+10+10 minutes (Floodlight) 11.5 Hours (Spotlight)100+430+10+10 minutes (Redlight) 490+10+10 minutes (Greenlight) 420+10 minutes (Bluelight)
LEVEL 4 (Lumens)
800~400~200 lumens (Floodlight) 300~100 lumens (Spotlight)200 ~80~120~80~40 lumens (Redlight) 220~200~120~90lumens (Greenlight) 120~40 lumens (Bluelight)
Run-time LEVEL 4
320+5+15 minutes (Floodlight) 420+20 minutes (Spotlight)5+305+10+10+10 minutes (Redlight)30+250+10+10 minutes (Greenlight) 260+40 minutes (Bluelight)
LEVEL 5 (Lumens)
1600~800~400 lumens (Floodlight) 500~300~100 lumens (Spotlight)
Run-time LEVEL 5
160+10+15 minutes (Floodlight) 220+30+20 minutes (Spotlight)
LEVEL 6 (Lumens)
3200~1300~450 lumens (Floodlight) 700~500~105 lumens (Spotlight)
Run-time LEVEL 6
10+170+10 minutes (Floodlight) 40+175+45 minutes (Spotlight)
LEVEL 7 (Lumens)
7000~1600~900 lumens (Floodlight) 900~500~330 lumens (Spotlight)
Run-time LEVEL 7
2+160+10 minutes (Floodlight) 10+200+40 minutes (Spotlight)
13HZ at 3,200 lumens
Weight (g / oz)
462g / 16.3oz (Including Battery)
Length (mm / in)
Body Diameter (mm / in)
44mm/ 1.73in
Head Diameter (mm / in)
actical, search and rescue, home using etc.
Carton Box
Marauder mini (Battery Included) x 1
MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable x 1
Holster x 1
Lanyard x 1
User Manual x 1
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Great light, floodlight is great and like the strobe feature.


11 Jan, 2023

handy bit of kit


31 Dec, 2022

Outstanding performance with phenomanol throw and even better flood, an serious torch that will fully illuminate and flood the area you occupy and before you with bright white light, an must for any that needs serious illumination that will penetrate the darkness and for hundreds of metres around. This is no gimmick or toy and battery life is reasonable too with ultra fast charging at 2amps. An full five star rating and worth everyone.


03 Jan, 2023

Wow just what I was looking for. Everyone I have shown this torch to has been impressed with the build quality and the strength overall and the brightness and over all functionality.


04 Jan, 2023

worth the buy


09 Jan, 2023

If you had the marauder 2 you'll know what to expect. The RGB is amazing.. its like a bigger freyr.. worth the buy!!


09 Jan, 2023

This is the best all round touch out there


15 Jan, 2023

I love this little and powerful light it’s best


03 Mar, 2023

Amazing but of bit! My Marauder 2 now has a little brother! The fact it also has red, green and blue is awesome and it's packed with power for such a small but handy size!


02 Feb, 2023

Bought for SWMBO - it's her every night dog walk carry.


28 Dec, 2022

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