Olight H2R Nova 2300 lumen rechargeable LED head torch/ head lamp

Series: H-Olight
Product Code: H2R Nova headlamp

The H2R Nova is Olights first 18650 battery headlamp/pocketlight with a groundbreaking 2300 ANSI rated lumens.


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64g, Max performance: 2300 Lumens

 The H2R Nova is Olight's first 18650 battery headlamp/angle light with a massive 2300 ANSI rated lumens. The CREE XHP50 LED in combination with a TIR bead lens delivers a perfectly balanced and even beam for maximum usable light when you need it. Magnetic recharge and battery included. Cool white and neutral white available.

 The light is easily removable from the head strap and comes with a dual sided pocket clip to use either bezel up or down to meet your needs specifically. The included custom 3000mAh 18650 battery is charged with Olight’s signature magnetic USB charging cable directly through the tailcap. There is no need to remove the battery from the light, allowing you to charge on the go with ease.



  • ✓ Body made from 6061-T6 aluminium

  • ✓ TIR (Total Internal Refraction) optic bead lens provides evenly dispersed beam

  • ✓ LED available in two different colors:

  • ✓ Silicon mount on head strap allows for easy attachment, 360° of vertical rotation

  • ✓ Light automatically dims after 1 minute of Turbo to prevent overheating

  • ✓ Gradual brightness changes when switching outputs to allow eyes to adjust to new brightness

  • ✓ Special S.O.S. Mode efficiently signals for help in emergency situations

  • ✓ Easy-to-use side switch turns light ON/OFF, accesses all 6 outputs with one hand

  • ✓ Internally rechargeable using included magnetic charging cable (Only when equipped with included 18650 battery)

  • ✓ Low battery warning; light blinks once per minute when running low on power

  • ✓ Comes with Olight's 5 Year Warranty


Remark : Differences between two colors Cool White VS Neutral White

Cool white is general preferred for indoor or urban use as light appears to be due to reflection from the white interior or exterior surface . Cool tint also creats a lot of GLARE. Outdoors - greens/browns wildlife ect. will have a dull blue/grey look.  

Neutral white is general preferred for outdoor or rural use as the green or brown colors of foliage wildlife,ect. appear in a more natural color. Neutral/warm is also considered better in smoky/dusty/foggy environment. 


Included Accessories:

  • ✓ 1 x Customized 3000mAh 18650 Lithium Ion Battery

  • ✓ 1 x Head Strap and Mount

  • ✓ 1 x Stainless Steel Pocket Clip

  • ✓ 1 x Magnetic Charging Cable

  • ✓ 1 x EVA Pad

Beam Distance (ft) 501
Beam Distance (m) 153
Max. Performance (lumens) 2300
Charge type Magnetic USB charge base
Compatible Batteries customised 18650
Light Intensity (candela) 5850
Light Form Wide/broad hotspot. Perfect for up close illumination.
Lens / Reflector Type TIR bead lens (wide/broad beam)
Mode Operation Front Switch
Form/Size Factor Medium size (Permanent Marker)
Series Series H (Headlamps, Multitasking)
Unique Characteristics
  • Huge beam spill (TIR with diffuser lens)Smaller than a pinky finger.
  • Optimal for packstrap/pocket/headlamp
  • Pocket light and headlamp in one with magnetic charging. Buy one light and get two!
  • Magnetic tail fix, 90degrees light illumination direction
    LEVEL 1 (lumens) 2300
    Run-time LEVEL 1

    2300 lumens(~750lm) - Cool White

    2000 lumens(~700lm) - Neutral White

  • 1h50m (1m)
  • LEVEL 2 (lumens) 600
    Run-time LEVEL 2

    600 lumens - Cool White

    550 lumens - Neutral White

  • 2h30m
  • LEVEL 3 (lumens) 150
    Run-time LEVEL 3

    150 lumens - Cool White

    140 lumens - Neutral White

  • 10h
  • LEVEL 4 (lumens) 30
    Run-time LEVEL 4

    30 lumens - Cool White

    27 lumens - Neutral White

  • 50h
  • LEVEL 5 (lumens) 1
    Run-time LEVEL 5

    1 lumens - Cool White

    1 lumens - Neutral White

  • 45 days
  • Strobe No
    SOS / BEACON Yes
    Waterproof IPX8
    Weight (g / oz) 64 / 2.26
    Length (mm / in) 110 / 4.33
    Head Diameter (mm / in) 25 / 0.95
    Body Diameter (mm / in) 23.2 / 0.91
    Led Cree XHP50
    Packaging Custom plastic enclosure.
    Use everyday carry , car, camping, fishing, household, EDC, general use, fishing, climbing, cave exploration, outdoor activities, house activities
    Package Contents
  • Flashlight Olight H2R x 1
  • pocket clip x 1
  • head strap x 1
  • silicone mount x 1
  • customised Olight 18650 3000mAh x 1
  • Magnetic Charging Cable x 1
  • EVA Pad (replacement of the magnet)
  • Single-sided Adhesive Replacement EVA Pad
  • instruction manual x 1
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