Range: £ - £
Capacity (mAh)
Beam Distance (ft)
144 616
Max. Performance (lumens)
90 2300
Charge type
Compatible Batteries
Light Form
Lens / Reflector Type
Mode Operation
Form/Size Factor
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51g, 1000 Lumens : Olight focuses on developing the most handy torch for outdoor lovers, today S1..
Limited Edition, Limited Quantity. Once they are gone, they are gone.    90g, 1000 L..
37.5g, 600 Lumens:  The S1A is following on from the super popular S1 Baton. It can be power..
49.5g, 500 Lumens The headlamp industry has always lacked high lumen lights with metal construc..
49.5g, 500 Lumens The headlamp industry has always lacked high lumen lights with metal construc..
51.5g, max performance:  600 Lumens The H1R Nova is the brighter,rechargeable version o..
64g, Max performance: 2300 Lumens  The H2R Nova is Olight's first 18650 battery headlamp/ang..
12g, 130 Lumens : The I1R EOS is a tiny rechargeable LED keychain flashlight with dual output set..
7.9g, 90 Lumens The i3E is an extremely compact flashlight with a maximum 120-lumen output (silve..
41g, 180 Lumens The I3T EOS is a slim tail switch flashlight powered by a single AAA battery with..
41g, 180 Lumens Very limited Quantity The I3T EOS CU is the limited copper version of I3T EOS, wh..
550 Lumens, 31.5g for S Mini Ti / 54g for S Mini CU, The limited edition S Mini Baton Ti is..
The S1 Baton is the smallest side switch LED flashlight ever produced by Olight. The S1 Baton featur..
There are two versions available : One in a cool white beam with 600 lumens and the other in a 4..
58g, 600 Lumens The latest version of the S10R Baton is smaller, brighter, more efficient and fas..
36g, 900 Lumens : Whether you are driving, working, playing, backpacking, camping, or just walkin..
The S2 Baton (S2) is a new side switch LED flashlight powered by a single 18650 battery or two CR123..
56g, 550 Lumens The S2A Baton is a compact and light weight flashlight powered by two AA batterie..
New Model! 98.5g 1150 lumens The S2R Baton II is the upgraded version of the popular S2R Baton..
1020 lumens ,101.5g S2R Baton is the rechargeable version of the popular S2 Baton. While adopting..
110g, 1050 Lumens The S30R Baton III  (S30R III in short) is the third generation of our fla..
The H16 Wave is the completely redesigned motion activation headlamp featuring two parallel LEDs wit..
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