Javelot Pro Kit

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● 2,100 lumen output and 1,080 meters throw

● LED battery indicator & Dual-switch

● Magnetic charging system & Perfect hunting kits with extra press switch and filters

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Javelot Pro Kit comes with extra filters and remote pressure switch which makes it more convenient for hunting. The Javelot Pro is a dual-switch LED torch succeeding the M3XS-UT that delivers a beam distance of more than 1000 meters with a maximum output of 2,100 lumens. It adopts the OLIGHT signature versatile tail switch, functioning as a tail switch, charging port and connection port for a magnetic remote pressure switch. With a bezel diameter of 63mm, a high capacity battery pack, convenient charging system and easy operation, the Javelot Pro is the best illumination tool for hunting or search and rescue.


✓ Powerful performance: Powered by a integrated 25Wh  (two 3500mAh 18650 lithium batteries) rechargeable battery pack , delivering a maximum output of 2,100 lumens and a 1080 meters beam distance;

✓ Two versatile switches: The tail switch deliveries 2,100 lumens high mode and 15 lumens low mode. The side switch can turn the light on or off and cycles through the following modes: 2,100 lumens, 600 lumens, 150 lumens and 15 lumens;

✓ Center LED indicator in the side switch shows the battery level clearly: green indicator means power is more than 75% of battery; the orange indicator represents battery power at 30%-75%;  red stands for less than 30% power left. When the battery power is less than 10%, the red indicator will blink;

✓ Tower-shaped tube body provides comfort and a firm grip;

✓ Versatile magnetic tail cap: Functioning as a charging port or magnetic pressure switch mount. 


✓ Torch x 1

✓ Magnetic USB charging cable MCC5V x 1

✓ User manual x 1

✓ Red Filter x 1

✓Green filter x 1

✓Remote pressure switch x 1

✓Torch mount x 1


Beam Distance (ft) 3543
Beam Distance (m) 1080
Max. Performance (lumens) 2100
Charge type Magnetic USB charing cable
Compatible Batteries  One rechargeable battery pack (2 x 18650 3500mAh lithium battery)
Light Intensity (candela) 291600
Light Form Compact/tight focused hotspot. Ultimate beam distance.
Lens / Reflector Type Smooth reflector (central area and flood area)
Mode Operation Dual Switch
Form/Size Factor Large size (Deodorant Spray / Coke Can)
Series Series Javelot (Tactical, Military)
Unique Characteristics
  • Powerful performance: a maximum 2,100 lumens outpu and a 1080 meters beam distance
  • Two versatile switches: the tail switch and side switch can control different modes at different lumens
  • Center LED indicator in the side switch shows the battery level clearl
  • Tower-shaped tube body provides comfort and a firm grip
  • Versatile magnetic tail cap: Functioning as a charging port or magnetic pressure switch mount
LEVEL 1 (lumens) 2100~1000
Run-time LEVEL 1

5+145 mins

LEVEL 2 (lumens) 600
Run-time LEVEL 2


LEVEL 3 (lumens) 150
Run-time LEVEL 3 23h
LEVEL 4 (lumens) 15
Run-time LEVEL 4 8days
Strobe No
Waterproof IPX8
Weight (g / oz) 380 / 13.4
Length (mm / in) 247 / 9.72
Head Diameter (mm / in) 63 / 2.48
Body Diameter (mm / in) 26 / 1.02
Led Cree XHP35 HI NW
Packaging Plastic box
Use hunting , search and rescue, police, self defense
Package Contents
  • Javelot Pro x 1 
  • I3 UV x 1 
  • Magnetic USB charging cable MCC5V x 1
  • User manual x 1
  • Red Filter x 1
  • Green filter x 1
  • Remote pressure switch x 1
  • Torch mount x 1
Customer Reviews
  1. Cut trough the night further than your eyes can see!
    I have just received my new Olight Javelot Pro and I am very excited to test it out in a variety of circumstances. I will add to this review as I find out more and more of how this light compares to my other ones and how it lasts after more use.
    This is a long distance light meaning it has a very bright and focused hot spot and it is designed to illuminate objects at distances over 1000 meters or over 3000 feet.
    I have a few types of flashlights: keychain light for every day use like the model i1R, tactical lights for self defence like models M1T or M2R, flood lights for emergency or camping like the X7 and finally my most prized model the Javelot Pro for a combination of all the above uses but mostly for being able to see very far into the dark .
    In my opinion it is a huge advantage from a safety and security perspective as well as tactical to be able to see further in the night and this light is able to deliver impressive performance in a very well built and refined manner.
    Build quality is solid...it feels very robust in hand ,the handle is broomstick thick with deep grooves in it...it will not slip out of your hand. Reflector is deep but not too wide so the light is easy to carry on your belt in the provided holster or can easily be installed on a weapon for hunting purposes.
    The back and side buttons are top quality..the rear one is magnetic multi function and doubles as a magnetic charging port while the side button can be easily found with a gloved hand as it sits on a square section at the base of the reflector and is also lit by a battery indicator LED.
    Light can be operated from both the rear and front buttons and charging of the built in battery is done trough an included magnetic tail cap charger that plugs to any 2 Amp wall or car adapter like the ones used by most current smartphones(wall or car adapter not included).magnetic adapter led Indicates red(charging) or green(charged) when plugged in .
    Battery back includes 2x18650 batteries that have a 1 year warranty while the light has a 5 year warranty. I do not know if the batteries can be Individually replaced out from the battery pack but will update the review when I find out in the future.
    This torch runs on turbo mode for 10 minutes at 2100 lumens after which it drops to 1000 lumens for another 130 minutes.
    On high mode it runs for 5 hours at 600 lumens and reaches up to 540 meters in this level.
    Medium 23 hours at 150 lumens at up to 270 meters
    Low setting runs for 8 days at 15 lumens and reaches up to 90 meters. This low setting is the only one at which you can use this light to illuminate something up close at arm's length if you have to. The other settings will reflect too much light back Into your eyes and not be useful only for distance.
    I am planning to do some testing at night in an open area to see how the beam profile and objects are illuminated at long distance.
    I owned the Olight M2x ut previously and it was a 1000 lumen and about 800 meters thrower and it would run for 5 minutes at maximum while this javelot pro can run for more than 2 hours at that brightness so it is a big upgrade from the previous javelot models.
    I will update with some beam shots at night in the distance as soon as I have them.
    So far this is the best long distance light I owned.

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