We want to give a huge thanks to all the Olight fans who participated in our previous Charity Sale to help with Covid-19. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to grow throughout the world, we have decided to do a worldwide charity sale and

donate 100% of all product sales in US/UK/AU/IE/DE/FR/CA/IT/JP/CN on 10th of April for medical supplies to support the corresponding countries. 

Support UK and Ireland by ordering on 10th of April!

i1R 2 EOS Blue
0.0001% of 100
Sale price: £13.97 Original price: £19.95 You Save: £5.98

● Charity sale only and marked with special charity sale logo.

●i1R 2 EOS Micro USB cable is included. 

●Delivering 150 lumens output with a soft, well-balanced beam

●Twist the light head to control the ON/OFF and mode change

S1R Baton II Blue
0.0001% of 100
Sale price: £48.97 Original price: £69.95 You Save: £20.98

● Charity sale only and marked with special charity sale logo.

● Delivering a huge output of 1,000 lumens only powered by a single IMR16340

● Body built for grip: Small squared texture milling for a perfect grip and feel

● Three-color power level indications to indicate the power levels

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We are all in this Together!
This sudden COVID-19 global outbreak has proven that we are all in this together. 
We will never forget the incredible support and generosity during our i5T donation sale and it is apparent that our UK and Ireland family needs help too. We hope that these new exclusive products and 100% of all product sales on 10th of April will help to save lives and keep you and your family members safe during this difficult time.
We will always do our best to help the countries and people that are in need the most.


If you know anyone in need and these medical facemasks can help them, please add 1 free facemask pack (15 masks) to your cart.

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Your friends may need, share to help

This Covid-19 prevention and treatment handbook is compiled from the First Affiliated Hospital, ZheJiang University School of Medicine. People found it useful, so we thought we should share it. Feel free to download an e-version. This is only for your reference and can be used voluntarily. We will not bear any legal responsibility for this information or how it is used. 
Your friends may need, share to help

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Equipment Progress Updates
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updated info about the donation progress.

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