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Why Do You Need an Olight Marauder Mini?

Why Do You Need an Olight Marauder Mini?

23 Apr, 2023

If the Marauder series is your favorite, you NEED this new mini version to complete your collection! Don't let its small size fool you- the multi-functional capabilities, safety features, large battery capacity, and durability live up to the Marauder name. It may be smaller in size, but it’s still powered like a beast and will quickly be a must-have for all your daily and outdoor needs. 

Small stature, BIG power

The Marauder mini is a miniature version of Olight's Marauder series of flashlights, but trust us when we say it has all the power and function you’ve come to expect from Olight. With the click of a switch, you can go from a high-powered floodlight that boasts nine LEDs and seven different brightness levels, to a 600-meter spotlight beam

Dual-beam with flood and spot

It's a powerful rechargeable dual-beam LED flashlight with both flood and throws. Following the Marauder 2's lens design and composed of 9 LEDs surrounding the center, it enables seven brightness levels that provide 200-7000 lumens. A large round LED has been added to the center, offering a 600-meter spotlight beam. 

Uniformly distributed RGB colour LEDs 

Three RGB colour LEDs are uniformly distributed around the converging lens, making it suitable for use on any occasion. 

Easy to use with your safety in mind

The Marauder Mini features an easy toggle switch on the middle of the body that allows quick access to select either spotlight or floodlight. The 3D rotary knob above controls the brightness setting with just an easy turn. Surrounding the rotary knob are indicators that show not only brightness levels, but remaining battery life and the three RGB light colours as well. Another useful feature of the Marauder Mini is the vibration alert you feel when you reach both the highest and lowest brightness settings, allowing you to know exactly which power level you are on.

This powerful flashlight also contains a thermal sensor that automatically downshifts power to maintain a low body temperature when there is continuous high output usage. Olight not only keeps your safety in mind but strives to prevent damage from overheating and lens obstruction. 

Durable construction and portable comfort

The flashlight handle is wrapped by 270-degree silicone so the flashlight’s body provides a comfortable and stable grip you won't be dropping anytime soon. The hidden lanyard hole design with included lanyard ensures this handy little flashlight can go with you anywhere. It is also waterproof (IPX8) up to 2 meters and 1.5 meters impact resistant. This little Mini Beast is built to last you a long time for any use or job you may throw at it. Not only does it live up to its Marauder name, but it's lightweight, the smaller build will fit in the palm of your hand and will quickly become the most used Olight flashlight in your collection. 

Ideal for any mission

● Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue

With the adjustable brightness level, you have just the perfect amount of light you need, whatever your situation calls for. The multi-colour RBG LED is beneficial in so many capacities. When you’re searching in the dark, working at a crime scene, or providing helpful service to someone in need, the RBG LED lights will illuminate your path without sacrificing your night vision. With its compact build, the Marauder Mini will be your go-to carry-on for any mission. 

● Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor enthusiasts

If your outdoor activities continue after daylight hours, this powerful flashlight has your back. The RBG LED lights have multiple uses - from helping you read maps, and seeing fish in water and streams, to tracking animals, this flashlight will allow you to see better and farther in the dark without alerting the animal you are hunting. If brightness is what you need, this flashlight has 7000 lumens to get the job done. 

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What is your favorite feature of  Marauder Mini? Welcome to Leave a comment below.

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All Reviews (7)

Daniel Tierney

Having an Olight Mini can be a game-changer for someone like you who values preparedness and practicality. It's not just another gadget—it becomes a trusty companion in your everyday life. Imagine the convenience of having a compact flashlight that fits perfectly in your pocket or attaches easily to your keychain. Picture yourself on a late-night hike, exploring nature's beauty under a starry sky. Suddenly, the path ahead becomes dimly lit, and you need a reliable light source to guide your way

Posted on: 17 May, 2023, 10:36:55

Ritchie Valens

Im so goad I purchased the Olight Marauder Mini Orange Its a true beast, and the quality, so far looks and feels amazing. I have had it for a week and only charged it once, even tho it had been use quite a bit, and still had 80% of charge left

Posted on: 26 Dec, 2022, 12:58:32

Olight User

The Marauder Mini it's so light and skinny Over hill or dale this powerhouse won't fail Turns night into day with its powerful ray. From near and far it shines like a star. Your Olight mate shines well above its weight

Posted on: 30 Nov, 2022, 15:19:01


I have saw a good review of the Marauder Mini - just got my order in tonight and hope to see it performances. Let give is a big test in these Dark Winter.

Posted on: 27 Nov, 2022, 00:21:20


I recently received my Mini Marauder and was eager to try it out. I used it on a walk in the rain and mist right next to the mountainside near where I live. I liked the vibration feature to let you know when you hit the maximum and minimum positions and the manual switch for turning from flood to spot. The favourite feature would have to be the coloured LED's, they worked great to cut through the mist and the spot was impressive for picking details up on the mountainside. Just great!

Posted on: 26 Nov, 2022, 21:32:40

Olight User

The Marauder Mini Is the best all rounder torch I have bought, and will definitely be using this one this winter

Posted on: 25 Nov, 2022, 14:29:30


It's winter, long nights, and I need to Maraud after dark. Englad 2 - USA 1

Posted on: 25 Nov, 2022, 13:12:14