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What Are Some of the Best Torches for Caving?

What Are Some of the Best Torches for Caving?

15 Jun, 2022

Torch for caving FAQ

1. What is a Caving Torch?

Caving can be an exhilarating sport for explorers. Because a spelunker goes into dark caves, reliable and adequate lighting is crucial. The primary source of light for a spelunker comes in the form of a headlamp, because the hands are required for other things like holding ropes, keeping balance or even crawling through holes. The best-caving headlamps provide a wide variety of beam outputs and have a long battery life but above all else, they are reliable. We really like the Olight torches for most caving trips and also recommend the headlamp for spelunking.

2. Is one light enough for caving?

No——you should have three light sources. Most cavers carry a secondary light source with a focusable lens and a high lumen output of around 800. This can be used for looking at things in more detail. A sturdy and reliable third source is the emergency backup. This is usually a regular torch and should have a minimum output of 180 lumens. Back-up batteries, stored in a waterproof container, should always be taken, too.

3. What other equipment do I need for caving?

Hard hats are often worn by cavers. The headlamp can be fixed onto the hat easily. Clothing worn depends on the conditions in the cave. Warm, insulating base layers are needed in cold conditions. Hiking boots are required in dry caves and rubber boots in wet caves. Ropes are essential for climbing up and down, and knee and elbow pads are optional.

4. Which torches for caving are best?

Marauder 2 Powerful Torch 14000 Lumens

If you are searching for the brightest light on the market for your caving activities, this is it. This is one of the brightest lights you can find on the market, Marauder 2 delivers max 14,000 lumens with a runtime of up to 59 hours. With this one you can broaden your field of view and enjoy maximum visibility.

Perun Mini Kit 1000 Lumens

This lightweight headlamp is pretty powerful, having an output of maximum 1000 lumens. When you need your hands free in cave, this is exactly the kind of light you should search for. In terms of design and performance, this seemingly mini torch is a very professional and suitable lighting device as a tool light. It can not only solve some common lighting needs for me in daily life, but also In an caving setting, it is equally useful.

Array 2S Hand Wave Control Headlamp 1000 Lumens

This head lamp falls somewhere in the middle in terms of price and power but is still high-quality in terms of materials used and power output. At 1000 lumens, it does a great job in any environment and, as the beam distance reaches 140 meters, and it can rotate 60 degrees. The Array 2S is an all-around smart headlamp with top-notch functions. It features a flood+spot light, floodlight, red light, and SOS. Providing you with 10 different useful settings and mode memory for convenient outdoor use.

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