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Were you a Witness to these Changes? ——Brand Promise Yearly Review

Were you a Witness to these Changes? ——Brand Promise Yearly Review

15 Apr, 2023

How many changes have happened in a year? Here, you can find the changes Olight has made over one year since the brand promise was released on our 15th anniversary in 2022. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to find out who our 100 O-Witnesses worldwide are.


Customer-centered promises drives us to move forward and remind us to continually take your feedback into serious consideration. Based on the four quarterly surveys collected from our customers, we are rated 4.56, 4.37, 4.08 and 4.24 respectively out of ten on average in products, customer service, shopping experience, and logistics. We have learned more about ourselves by focusing on these four categories which are essential to your Olight experience.


We would like to thank all of you who have participated in our satisfaction surveys. Hopefully, the yearly review (4/2022 — 3/2023) below can offer you a wider picture of what we have done to meet and exceed your expectations.


About Product

What we have committed to: Olight continues to focus on delivering more reliable and innovative lighting products.  

What we have done:

1. Kept and improved versions of our classic product series. The Marauder mini, Obulb Pro, Valkyrie Turbo, Baton 3 Pro, etc., were inspiring additions to our classic line-ups with enhanced performances.


2. Continued expanding into new lighting categories. We were proud to launch the dual light source EDC flashlight — the Arkfeld, a multi-use safety light — the Gober, a work light — the Odiance, a 2-in-1 angled foregrip light — the Sigurd, and even more, all to bring you more illumination solutions.


3. Kept the O-designer Program thriving. By listening to and integrating the wonderful suggestions from our fans to improve our products, we successfully launched 9 colour variants of our existing and widely-favored products, such as Baton 3 Zombie Green, Perun 2 Mini Lime Green.


4. Continued bringing in new materials and seeking manufacturing process innovation. We spearheaded the application of some new materials into flashlights, including magnesium alloy, carbon fiber, etc., and achieved some of the highest quality craftsmanship.


Furthermore, Olight was the first brand to be accredited with the CNAS LABORATORY ACCREDITATION CERTIFICATE in the outdoor lighting industry in China and obtained 123 patents regarding product innovation.


To Olight, we always put quality at the forefront when considering creating a new product.

To make our lights your most reliable illumination companions, we have tripled our efforts to improve the quality of our products to new levels. For example, we have focused largely on the quality of batteries used by gradually perfecting our battery inspection process to meet the strictest safety standards. Internally, we upgraded a Quality Management Information System to easily track data during all our processes before an Olight gets into your hands, making it possible to identify and prevent any quality issues from happening.



About Customer Service

What we have committed to: Olight continues to provide quality service.

What we have done:

1. With the increase in the number of VIP members, we have updated our membership benefits system, mainly including:

1.1 Added 3 membership levels: Red Diamond, Blue Diamond and Legend;

1.2 Optimised a total of 8 rules for different levels of membership benefits: lowered the threshold of the Redemption Zone to Copper level, Copper and above are able to redeem 3 types of vouchers, exclusive free birthday gifts for Yellow Diamond and above, laser engraving customisation service for Blue Diamond and above, permanent warranty benefits for Red Diamond and above, half price trial sales on new products for Yellow Diamond and above, free shipping on all orders for Black Diamond and above, and greet gifts for Black Diamond. We are always willing to provide better services to our members.


2. Increase the bonding of Facebook group followers and listen to their demands, mainly including:

2.1 Response time for community posts increased from irregular to within 2 hours (except during major sales and holidays);

2.2 New volunteers have been introduced to the group to help Olight work together to maintain the friendly atmosphere of the group and work on their issues;

2.3 Gave away 60 birthday gifts: every month, we will select a few fans in the community who have a birthday and prepare a birthday gift for them.

2.4 Launched 2 Facebook group exclusive products: i5R Zombie Green, Warrior mini 2 Battle Green

2.5 Launched a fan-designed UK surprise gift: Zombie Green Patch


Our service on Facebook is getting better and better, we are getting closer to our fans, listening to their opinions, more and more fans are getting involved in Olight's daily activities and we value the voice of them.


3. Over 30 new products and 10 new trial products have been launched in the O-Fan Club, with a variety of activities.


4. After-sales process further optimised

4.1 Our after-sales page rules are clearer and more complete, and the after-sales closure time is reduced;

4.2 The after-sales application has been transferred to the Personal Centre, making it easier for customers to follow up the after-sales process.



About the shopping experience

What we have committed to: Olight is committed to providing a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

What we have done:

1. Meet our customers' needs for accessories:

In the past year, we have started to pay more attention to our customers' needs in terms of accessories, collating the accessories they need and replenishing our stock in a timely manner, stocking more than 50 types of product accessories to extend the life of our products;

2. Better navigation categories: primary and secondary categories and All product pages on the home page are clearer;

3. The home page of the website is enriched with 3 major modules: the classification by product category, the text section, and the blog preview area are added. We strive to provide a richer visual experience;

4. Enriched the sales activities: for the first time, we introduced the DIY bundle, which allows customers to freely match the products they want to buy and thus enjoy higher discounts;

5. In terms of payment, we already support instalment payments to help ease the burden of shopping for some customers and give our customers more payment options;

6. Product reviews were added to the home page list on the PC terminals, and they can be filtered by chronological order.

7. A limited edition area has been set up to help customers know the full range of products:

8. Added accessories banner on the home page to help customers quickly find the battery/accessory area.


We are always tweaking and optimising our website in the hope of giving our customers a better browsing and shopping experience. Basically, every month you can see that our website has changed in some way. We are constantly working from the customer's point of view and we don't miss a single point that can be optimised.


Additionally, we were honored to witness a meaningful shopping experience among most of you who participated in the breast cancer charity sale. We donated all of the proceeds — £5780 to the Cancer Research UK. It goes to prove that your purchase of a flashlight can be vital to help those in need. Olight will look for more opportunities to give back to the world, and we look forward to having you with us along this journey.


About Logistics

What we have committed to: Olight strives to improve the efficiency of logistics delivery.

What we have done:

1. In the past year, we have added 2 logistics options to respect the different logistics preferences of our customers and have reached out to more logistics companies. Doing our best to provide better and more convenient logistics for our customers.

2. We switched to a new local warehouse, moving from the Leicester warehouse to the Luton warehouse, improving the efficiency and accuracy of order processing.


O-Witness Announcement

You all are the biggest part of why Olight has made these changes over the year. Your company and strong voices set Olight on the path towards a brighter future. You should share the joy that Olight’s fulfillment of the brand promise brings. By holding the activity #Owitness, 100 O-Witnesses worldwide have been chosen! Congratulations to all of THEM! 

Click here to know more about the O-Witnesses.


The great achievements made in 2022 aren’t just good news we wish to share with all of you. They should be used as a springboard to meet even more achievements in 2023. Certainly, there are always some roadblocks that will appear in our way to bring you better experiences, but Olight will crush them with the successful experiences and lessons learned from last year. We are always working hard to take care of your every lighting need and to illuminate your world! What will happen in the days ahead? Stay tuned!


You are always welcome to join us on a brighter journey and witness our changes! Please feel free to contact us at if you have any suggestions.


Click here to look back at the Brand Promise.

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