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Warrior Mini 3: Innovation Redefining the Portable Tactical Torch

Warrior Mini 3: Innovation Redefining the Portable Tactical Torch

06 Jul, 2023

When you think of tactical lights that are suitable for everyday carry, nothing beats the Warrior Mini series of lights. It is the perfect blend of small size, powerful output, and tactical features. The original Warrior Mini was small enough to almost disappear into a pocket, yet powerful enough to illuminate the entire area in front of you. With tactical features like a magnetic tail switch, strike bezel, and a strobe function, it quickly became a fan favorite.


The next iteration brought us safety improvements with the incorporation of a proximity sensor. This improvement was intended to ensure that this powerful light didn’t unintentionally come on in high or turbo mode while in close proximity to objects like the inside of a pocket or pack. To accommodate the sensor, and to increase performance while maintaining battery life, the Warrior Mini 2 was slightly larger than the original by almost half an inch in length and the head diameter was increased by a little over a 1/16th of an inch. Although the Warrior Mini 2 remained a popular light, many fans and enthusiasts missed the smaller size of the original.  Additionally, despite the sensor being added as an extra layer for safety, numerous fans were frustrated by the activation of the sensor and immediate step down in power during normal use.

Olight, listening to fan feedback, has redesigned the Warrior Mini once again. The new Warrior Mini 3 is smaller than the Warrior Mini 2 yet maintains the powerful output and battery life. But perhaps most exciting is the introduction of the world’s first “Pre-activated Proximity Sensor”.

The Pre-activated Proximity Sensor Becomes Even Smarter

Olight has again brought innovation to us with their newly designed, and world’s 1st, Pre-activated Proximity Sensor. Previously, the proximity sensor would force the Warrior Mini 2 to step down anytime it was near an object while in the higher modes to protect from overheating the object it was close to. Unfortunately, this would sometimes occur during normal use situations. For example, when using it through glass windows, the glass would often trigger the sensor and force it to step down to a lower brightness. The same would occur when using the Warrior Mini 2 in rainy or wet conditions, where water droplets that get on the lens would also trigger a step down in power. This resulted in some users looking for ways to disable or bypass the sensor, even if only temporarily. The Warrior Mini 3 aims to solve this frustration by incorporating an even smarter proximity sensor.

The new pre-activated proximity sensor is truly a marvel and an industry first. To prevent undesired step downs in power when the Warrior Mini 3 is turned on and brought to high or turbo mode, it will remain in the desired setting provided it was turned on with the lens free of any nearby obstructions. This allows the user to utilize the full power of the Warrior Mini 3 without an inadvertent and unexpected step down. However, if the Warrior Mini 3 is turned on with the lens in close proximity to an object, the new sensor will force the power to step down for safety. This is great for when you put it in your pocket or pack and forget to place it in lock-out mode as any accidental activation should not result in overheating concerns.


This is truly an intelligent sensor that enables you to enjoy the full power of the Warrior Mini 3 without having to worry about accidental activation causing issues. While lock-out is still a recommended practice when not in use, forgetting or choosing not to is no longer a major concern.

Tail Switch with Nano Molding Technology

The proximity sensor is most definitely a huge and welcomed improvement, but there are more improvements to discuss that make this the best version of the Warrior Mini to date. Let’s start at the bottom of the Warrior Mini 3 and work our way up. One issue with the original Warrior Mini and the Warrior Mini 2 was with the magnetic tail switch attracting metal dust and shavings, making it difficult to clean and, in some cases, causing accidental activation of the light. With the Warrior Mini 3, Olight is now using nano molding technology to greatly improve the tail switch tolerances. This means metal dust particles are no longer a bother and can simply be wiped away!

Bigger and Tougher Metal Side Switch

The side switch of the Warrior Mini 3 has been upgraded to be an enlarged, wear resistant metal switch. This improves the durability of the switch as well as the overall feel. As with the Warrior Mini 2, the side switch provides users with easy access to all 5 modes as well as gives us an indication of the battery life remaining. The larger size means it is easier to find and operate, even in completely dark environments.

Robust Two-way Clip

At the same level as the side switch is the newly designed clip. The clip fits extremely securely to the body of the Warrior Mini 3, so there is no fear of losing the light. The clip is also longer than that of the Warrior Mini 2 and it is designed for two-way use. This enables the user to carry it either bezel up or bezel down in their pocket. Additionally, the added length of the clip means that in either carry style, it still sits deep in your pocket.    

Warrior Mini 3 VS Warrior Mini 2 VS Warrior Mini

Another welcome change with the introduction of the Warrior Mini 3 is the reduction in size from the Warrior Mini 2. The Warrior Mini 3 is much closer in length to the original Warrior Mini and is identical in diameter from top to bottom. From an EDC perspective, this is an awesome improvement. Olight has achieved this even with an upgraded proximity sensor, maintaining the maximum output achieved by the Warrior Mini 2 and providing us with longer throws thanks to an increase in the overall candela intensity. This is truly an impressive feat!

The new Warrior Mini 3 has five light modes in addition to a strobe function. Turbo will provide an astounding 1,750 lumens of light for up to 2 minutes before stepping down for heat and power management. High mode provides a more than adequate amount of light at 500 lumens and will run continuously at this level for over 3 and a half hours. Moonlight mode is 0.5 lumens and will last an amazing 100 days! The increase in candela means we also get a modest increase in throw, going from 220 meters to 240 meters as compared to the Warrior Mini 2.

Warrior Mini 3Warrior Mini 2Warrior Mini
Max Output (lm)175017501500
Max Runtime (days)1004545
Intensity (cd)14400123009025
Throw (m)240220190
Proximity SenserYes, SmartYesYes
Length (in)
Head Diameter (in)0.910.980.91
Body Diameter (in)0.910.910.91
Weight (oz)
Drop Test (m)

What’s included

Included with the purchase of the Warrior Mini 3 is the following:

  • Warrior Mini 3

  • Customized 3500mAh 3.6V 18650 Rechargeable Battery

  • USB Magnetic Charging Cable (MCC)

  • L-Stand

  • User Manual


The Warrior Mini 3 is an impressive upgrade from the Warrior Mini 2. The new Pre-activated Proximity Sensor is nice and gives you peace of mind while still allowing you the ability to utilize all the functions of the light without the annoyance of unexpectedly stepping down. You can also rest easily knowing that should you forget to place it in lock-out mode before putting it away in a bag or pocket, the proximity sensor will not allow it to activate in high or turbo mode. It is an amazing piece of technology that works rather well. 


Going back to a size more in line with that of the original Warrior Mini is fantastic, as the smaller size is better suited for EDC. Then there’s the improved clip, the metal side switch and the improved tail switch with nano technology to prevent metal dust from getting stuck in the crevices. Olight has done a fantastic job with the overall redesign and this should definitely be on everyone’s must have list.

There will be three gorgeous colors to choose from with the initial release of the Warrior Mini 3, Forest Gradient, with a green to black fade, Midnight Horizon, with a blue to black fade, and standard black. All three look amazing and perform even better. If you like this portable tactical flashlight, don’t miss out on up to 40% OFF during Olight UK summer sale

Congratulations to the following winner who will get a free Warrior Mini 3 torch (Worth: £89.99)!

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All Reviews (17)

Daniel Holland

Love the idea of the tail button Being tight and flush. now when Im working in the metal workshop The metal shavings will not Clog up The tail Light Button. That's Just one improvement that gives the thumbs up to me for this Flashlight.

Posted on: 14 Jul, 2023, 08:05:34

Steven Robinson

Outstanding versatility makes the Warrior Mini 3 stand out from the crowd. The proximity sensor and nano switch are great innovations. The functionality, size and weight make it the perfect edc.

Posted on: 14 Jul, 2023, 04:47:37

William Johns

Upgraded proximity sensor gives great peace of mind for a powerful torch!

Posted on: 13 Jul, 2023, 21:16:55

Rob Atkins

Whilst I absolutely adore my current EDC the Baton 3 Pro, this new Warrior Mini 3 seems to blow it out of the water! Whilst remaining a similar pocket friendly size, it's packed with so many more features and even more lumens... that smart proximity sensor sounds a must have and the instant access turbo mode with the handy tail switch could come in very handy. Olight really are the kings of the torch/flashlight world right now, no question.

Posted on: 13 Jul, 2023, 16:29:12

Chris Tetlow

The Proximity Sensor giving an extra layer of Safety when putting the Torch in a pocket and forgetting to set the Lock Out feature is definitely a welcome addition.

Posted on: 11 Jul, 2023, 23:22:28

David Cottrell

I like the fact that the Warrior Mini 3 has 5 light modes from Moonlight to Turbo (0.5-1750 lumens) plus strobe.

Posted on: 11 Jul, 2023, 21:06:24

Stuart Hawes

love the colors

Posted on: 11 Jul, 2023, 08:12:16

Olight User

I love the fact that the Warrior Mini 3 is smaller whilst still keeping all the amazing features plus more. Providing us with a torch that fits into any pocket and can easily be used on an every day basis. This is going to be a very popular companion.

Posted on: 08 Jul, 2023, 11:37:48


I think the best part of this is the increased throw. I needed a smaller torch with more throw as I work rural and this torch does exactly that. I look forward to seeing this in practice

Posted on: 08 Jul, 2023, 10:09:05

Pat Bedlam

Pre-activated Proximity Sensor, is a winner

Posted on: 08 Jul, 2023, 09:51:38

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