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The First Smart Night Light - Obulb Pro : Controlled by Phone App!

The First Smart Night Light - Obulb Pro : Controlled by Phone App!

13 Jul, 2022

Obulb Pro is the first pioneering innovation made by Olight Obulb in smart home lighting after three generations (Obulb, Obulb MC, Obulb MCS) since its inception - the application of mobile app Bluetooth control technology.


Secondly, Obulb Pro is brighter, a little bigger and has a longer runtime than Obulb MC, making it a complete upgrade to Obulb. Let's compare all 4 Obulb products to see what each has to offer.

Obulb Pro VS Obulb MC VS Obulb MC VS Obulb

Obulb Pro


Obulb MCs


Obulb MC



Light Colours

7 colours including red, green, blue and white


Same as Obulb MC


White, red, green, blue, purple, orange and 8 other colours


White, Red

Smart Functions

App controll


Motion sensor control

Maximum Illumination

240 lumens


Same as Obulb MC


75 lumens


55 lumens

Maximum Runtime

84 hours


Same as Obulb MC


40 hours


56 hours










3.7V 1650mAh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery


30mAh 3.7V

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

Charge Cable

MCC 1A/MCC3/Omino



Drop Test



If you want to see the detailed difference between Obulb, Obulb MC and MCs, please click here to view our previous article!

How to control Obulb Pro with OLIGHT APP?


1. Click on "Add New Device" on the OLIGHT APP to search for a new device (Obulb Pro). This is just like when you connect a Bluetooth headset.


2. Find Obulb Pro on the app and select it, then press "OK" to add it.


3. Once added, the Obulb Pro will appear in the "My devices" list. You can turn it on/off by clicking on the slider, or access the control panel by clicking on the device's input. If you restart the OLIGHT application, it will return you directly to the “My Devices” list with all previously connected devices on the screen. If a device is greyed out, it has been disconnected. To bring it back online, make sure the device is not switched off and reconnect.


4. Click on the button icon to open Obulb Pro and activate more control options from the control panel.


5. Use the "Mode" tab, the control panel allows you to switch modes, adjust the brightness level and turn off the Obulb Pro. Click on "More" to access the colour wheel.


6. Using the Colour tab, the control panel allows you to customise the colours using the colour wheel, adjust the brightness level and turn off Obulb Pro.


Before searching and adding Obulb Pro, please activate the Bluetooth and GPS functions on your phone. After this, place the Obulb Pro in network configuration mode and run the OLIGHT app.


*Obulb Pro network setup mode: in unlocked state and white light mode, press and hold the button for 5 seconds; then release the button after the flashing red light; when the flashing green light appears, the Obulb Pro will enter network setup mode; you can then use the OLIGHT app to search and add devices (Obulb Pro). If the App is not used to add a device after 3 minutes, the Obulb Pro will automatically exit the network configuration mode. In this mode, any key action can also be used to exit it.


To use another phone to control the Obulb Pro, you can share control of the device via the "Share" function of the App, or place the Obulb Pro in network setup mode to establish a new connection.


The Obulb Pro cannot be controlled by the App while it is locked, so if you need to use your phone's app to control it, please unlock the Obulb Pro first.





Do not use a charger other than the one specified to charge the product as this may cause the battery to catch fire or even explode.


b). After using the product in an aquatic environment, care should be taken to keep it clean and dry before loading.

c). High temperatures above 60 degrees can cause deformation or damage to the product.



Frequently asked questions about Obulb Pro

Q: Where can I download the OLIGHT app?

A: For Android, you can download it from the Google Play shop by searching for "OLIGHT". For IOS, please search for "OLIGHT" in the Apple App Store.

Q: What is the maximum control distance of Obulb Pro?

A: In an open and unobstructed environment, the maximum effective control distance is 50 metres. In houses or environments with high walls or objects, the effective control distance will be reduced respectively.

Q: Can one phone control more than one Obulb Pro at the same time?

A: Yes.

Q: Can multiple handsets control the same Obulb Pro?

A: Multiple phones can control the same Obulb Pro via the 'Share' feature, which allows you to control multiple online Obulb Pros on a shared Bluetooth network.

Q: The OLIGHT APP cannot connect to the Obulb Pro after it has been switched off for a long time

A: If a connected Obulb Pro is not operational for 8 hours, it will automatically go into sleep mode and the OLIGHT APP will lose control of it. To regain control, press any button or charge it to activate the Obulb Pro.



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The latest version of Obulb Pro is Obulb Pro S, click it to learn more!

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