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Shopping guide for Flash Sales in August

Shopping guide for Flash Sales in August

Have you noticed any interesting functions on our new website?

Dear O-Fans. Welcome to our new website!


To give you a pleasant shopping experience, we upgraded the website! (Welcome to join our Facebook Group: Olight UK Group, leave your opinions to help Olight UK further improve the online store. Let’s work together to make shopping more comfortable!)


This blog will be divided into two parts. Part one is about the new functions which will be helpful in your Flash Sale shopping in August. The second part is 3 tips for your shopping on this coming Flash Sale.


Part one: What kinds of new functions will help with your shopping?

Here are two new functions that we’d like to introduce to you. 


New Function 1: Log in to the website, get 5 points per day.

You will receive 5 points if you log in to the website every day!

*This benefit is available from 28/08 to 30/09 23:59.

Why should I collect points? What do the points mean? Below is a table for you to have an intuitive understanding of ‘points’. The higher level you are, the more benefits you will enjoy. Simply register and join our O-Fan Family!


New Function 2: Get the coupon on the coupon center

All coupons will be shown in My Account - Asset Center - Coupon Center to give you a distinct view. Take the £5 coupon which could be used on this Flash Sale as an example. There are three entries to get this coupon.

1) You could get it on Coupon Center through the page of My Account.

2) When you are browsing the listing of the product, you can easily find the £5 coupon which is under the price.

3) On the payment page, there is a coupon above the subtotal amount.

*Don't forget to click the coupon center and get your coupon before the payment is finished!


Part 2: Are there any tips for this Flash Sale?

Sure. The Flash Sale is available from 20:00 30/08 - 23:59 31/08 in August. It is up to 40% OFF! During the sale, there are 15 brand new products will be displayed. Don't hurry, before you start your shopping journey, please allow me to share some tips with you. 


1: Log in to the website to get the FREE X9R CELL Black / i3E Black AND a £5 OFF coupon during the Flash Sale.

During this time of Flash Sale, every customer will have a chance to get an X9R CELL as a FREE Log in gift (The i3E Black will be your log-in gift if the X9R CELL is sold out). This means the quantity of X9R CELL is LIMITED! If you prefer the X9R CELL to i3E Black, don't forget to log in quickly to get yours before others!


This sale is also a test for the new website, a £5 coupon will be given to you during this Flash Sale as a thank you gift. Moreover, it is available for any products on the website, including on-sale products! 

2: Expect the largest discounts? The bundle option should be your choice!

How can I get 2 torches at one price? Pick the bundle without thinking! As displayed on the landing page, we prepare different bundles to help you make the purchase choice. Most bundled products are at a larger discount than a single product. The following is a diagram which can help you in comparing the price. 


3: Have no idea how to choose a product? What about picking the Blind pack?

Is it hard to decide for you to choose the Olight UK torch? The blind pack comes to help you! Here are three kinds of blind packs. Each blind pack includes a torch that is of higher value than you paid (Cost-saving). Choose a blind pack and get your special surprise!(Click Here)


We are looking forward to your feedback/suggestions. Your opinions will help a lot. Thank you for reading this blog. We wish you a happy online shopping trip!

29 Aug, 2021
STAYcation? The must have Olight's to bring with you

STAYcation? The must have Olight's to bring with you

If you're exploring the great outdoors this summer, we've got you covered

With Summer just around the corner, lockdown restrictions easing, and a sense of normality returning to our countries, many people are making those last-minute plans for a summer Staycation. I mean, why not? The British Isles have some of the most beautiful scenery to offer of anywhere in the world. Whether you are traveling the iconic Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, North Coast 500 of Scotland, Snowdonia in Wales, the wonderful Lake District of England or Northern Irelands' beautiful coastline, you will be sure to see breath-taking views and some of the world’s most impressive roads. So, if you are touring, glamping, boating, caravanning, camping or even just hiking, we have you covered with our pick of must have Olight's to make that trip a little easier.


Since releasing our Obulb at the end of last year, this powerful little orb of light has been one of the most popular Olights ever produced. Packing 4 different lighting modes, 56 Hours runtime, 1.5m drop test and an IPX7 rating into something that is smaller than a tennis ball, well that is just a recipe for success right there.

Using the Obulb could not be easier, modes are cycled through the built-in button on the bottom, giving you light instantly when you need it. Since it comes with a handy metal disc backed with 3M, you can place this little fella just about anywhere thanks to the magnetic base of the Obulb. Grab yourself an Ohook and make it even easier to have this light exactly where you need it. We recommend picking up of these little beasts, or better yet, grab yourself 2 or 3.


You guys had been asking us for this for a long time, and rather than rush something out, we took the time and produced something we knew would rival the biggest hitters in the lantern game. We have 360-degree light in 3 different modes, a rubberised curved base for stability on uneven surfaces, up to 80 hours run time and even motion detection to help you find it in the dark!

When you need some light for your campsite, a walk through the woods, or reading your favourite book while you listen to crashing waves of the nearby beach, the Olantern has got you covered. Even when you do not need all that white light, you can simply swap out the module for a unique flaming style one that is to be honest, quite comforting. We love the Olantern, and so will you.

Baton 3 Premium Edition

One of our most recent releases was the Baton 3, a 1200 lumen perfect EDC light following in the footsteps of the extremely popular S1R II. But that was not all, we released the special ‘Premium Edition’ of the Baton 3 which included a wireless charging case. This sleek, sturdy, pocketable case can charge your Baton 3 or S1R II up to 3.7 times. Prefect when you’re off the grid and don’t always have access to power.

We found this light was more than enough for those late evening strolls through the hills, searching for firewood or finding those loose tent pegs in the dark. Despite its size, it packs a punch and the ability to just pop it back in its charging case gives you the peace of mind that you know it will be ready, fully charged, when you need it. It’s a must have for us.

Need a bit more ‘oomph’?

Everyone’s needs are different and depending on what you are getting up to on your adventure you might need something that little bit more powerful. The Seeker 2 Pro is one of our most popular flood style lights, offering an impressive 3200 lumens and 320m of throw this compact companion is sure to meet your needs. Another big hitter is the newly released Marauder 2, offering an astounding 14000 lumen output and a remarkable 800m throw with the flick of a switch. Back that up with the ability to use it as a power bank, and well, it might be only thing you’ll bring with you. Wherever you are off to this summer, don’t forget to bring your Olights with you. Send us some snaps of your trip and let us know what you think is an essential Olight for our next outing.

We hope you have found this blog both interesting and helpful, let us know what you would like to see in future blogs, maybe you would like to write one yourself? Get in touch.

09 Jun, 2021


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